Got sleep problems? Sealy Podcast with Sammy Margo

Blessed sleep.

The last few years of my life have been difficult sleep wise because I have an endless list of jobs to do. It’s my choice I take on so many projects, so shouldn’t grumble but nevertheless…a bit more zzz would be heavenly!

Apparently the lack of sleep makes us put on weight, look dull and jaded, age prematurely and of course, makes us very very tired!


I got a press release featuring charter physiotherapist and sleep expert Sammy Margo’s podcast.

The podcast can be heard here (I really like it apart and find it relaxing apart from the bit in the background music with the woman going WOAHHH, WOAHHH) and you can of course download it for free on to your ipod/iphone/ipad etc.

Do you have any sleep problems? What helps you?

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