Free American Apparel Lip Gloss – No Purchase Necessary!

I got a newsletter yesterday announcing that American Apparel, makers of slightly porny looking imagery are giving away free lip glosses at participating stores – no purchase necessary!  

They remind me of Nars (to look at):

American apparel lip gloss jpg JPEG Image 480 × 360 pixels

The highly detailed newsletter says that you can pick up a free gloss at any American Apparel retail location and er, that’s it.  These usually cost £10 each so if I ever get to leave the house again (welcome to motherhood) I will definitely pick one up, if I don’t get stared down by the lycra clad hipster staff.  

I like the ones with the dumbest names; Topless (2nd from the left) and Pantytime (5th from the left).

Are you going to pick up one of these babies? Or is it kinda embarrassing going into a store to ask for a freebie then walking straight out again?!

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