Lash Growth Serum Mylash Update! Long swishy lashes!

I had a lash perm last week, no particular reason other than I felt like it, and thought it would be a good time to show off my lashes!

I have been applying Mylash serum every other night just because I just can’t seem to remember to do it every single day but it’s really kicked in. I have managed to stick to this one where I haven’t with others because I don’t get much irritation with it and I can really see results rather than just lashes in better condition.


Lash history:

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When I apply 1 coat of a mascara (any) it makes my lashes look ridiculously long – to the point where it actually looks bit fake lash like.#alttext#

My aunt accused me of having lash extensions and has so far refused to believe that they’re my lashes but there you go – must be how people feel when they suddenly grow boobs and get asked if they’ve had implants.

Other observations:

– The lashes are a lot thicker at the base – almost like more lashes are pushing through where they used to be quite sparse.

– I noticed some discolouration not in the eyeball but around the skin near the base of my lashes. I used less and less serum and the discolouration started to fade.

– Lashes getting in the way a bit now – cos they’re getting long. You know how people with long lashes say they get tangled and stuff? I am experiencing that occasionally.

– I prefer to apply the serum under the lashes (like when you tightline) rather than above – less chance of staining and it really gets into the root which is the ONLY place you need to apply serum.


I’ll keep going, let’s see how much longer they can get!

Mylash can be purchased here (once you’ve had a consultation with a doctor!).

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  1. says

    They look amazing, Row! I’m excited for you and now very interested in this product :) the l’oreal lash serum made my lashes irritable at the base and brittle.

  2. Jen says

    Do they results last as long as you use the product? (I’m assuming so, as the lash growth effect is a side effect of the drug bimatoprost that has now been used for cosmetic advantage) So does this mean that if you stop using it for a period of time, the longer lashes would shed naturally and then just grow back as before using the lashes? It’s good that this doesn’t irritate your eyes though, the improvement on the precision applicator must have worked :)

  3. Dana says

    wow that looks AMAZING, I’ve been using rimmel lash accelerator for the past couple of months and that works really well! I think one of the main reasons eyelashes fall out or look shorter is because of improper eye make up removal! never pull on the eye soak the cotton place it on the eye for a while then gently remove DON’T PULL!