Lash Growth Trial using Mylash: 3rd Update!

Whoops. So I haven’t been as disciplined as I could’ve been with Mylash – infact I took 2 weeks and a few random days off, when I could barely muster enough strength to take my coat off before rolling into bed, never mind applying a lash serum.

I am back on the lash wagon (I have a new skincare routine in place so am being strict with that, and mylash is the last thing I use at night).

Anyway here are the results about 6 weeks on, but remember I have been sporadic with application. I’ll try to be strict with myself from now on! Sorry!

Here is how we are doing:


My lashes have grown a lot – I don’t know if it comes across so well in the photo but there’s a lot of length and it’s sort of wispy at the ends.

My lashes appear thicker – it’s like I have two layers of lashes if that makes sense?From another view:


The only thing I had problems with was when I applied too much. You only need a tiny tiny bit – if you apply too much then it will irritate your eyes so just use as little as possibly and blot of the excess.

I did notice bits of hair (such as the odd stray) growing!


This happened in the inner corner of my eye where there are some fine hairs. So be careful where you apply it.


So far so good, just a case of being disciplined with it, and using a tiny amount.

Week 1 of lash growth

Week 2/3 of lash growth.

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  1. Jen says

    Looks like good progress…one thing puzzling me though, if you stop using it do the new lashes drop out or do they just stop growing as fast they they would with the Mylash?
    Incidentally, one of the girls I work with has THE longest lashes I’ve ever seen, I swear they’re about 1.5cm long, and they’re all natural…jealous!!