Hauls: What came in the post this week and upcoming reviews…

It’s been a busy week and when I am busy and perhaps a little emotional I get a bit spendy. It has been a real good week for hauling some make up!

Anyway just a random, fun Friday post for you to finish the week. Have tons and tons of posts to write so bear with me I’ll be back with you in full action soon.

I’ve had some really fun bits come in the post this week (and some boring ones which I won’t share with you here!). Here are some of the more interesting bits that arrived (and will be reviewed in due course)…


People have been telling me for ages to try the Fairy Drops mascara so finally I bought it! I have here the regular mascara in black (waterproof version) and the base (did you know they did a base?!) and as a treat, a limited edition version (so cute it has a bear on it!). Excited to try this out!…..Then I got these – all four shades! Kiss Me Heavy Rotation is one of my favourite brands and these Milky Lips lipsticks (with a slightly matte finish) were calling me!


I bought these from Adambeauty.com – the shipping from Hong Kong at the moment is super duper swift.

Kose Nature & Co is a brand that incorporates natural and organic ingredients (quite a new thing for Japanese brands). I couldn’t resist this Honey Blend Smooth Hair Mist:


I wonder if bees will chase you down the street if you smell of honey?

DHC Supplements are my favourite – I am VERY sensitive to most (I get headaches and itchy skin easily). I haven’t had a bad reaction to DHC and they have absolutely tons of high quality supplements for all kinds of ailments.

I have about 8 different DHC supplements (which I will write about later) but I don’t take a specific one every day – I just take according to how I feel. I bought ‘relax’ which did honest calm me down and knocked my out for a very good nights sleep! And Q10 which is a general, mind, body and soul boosting supplement:


I bought some random items from adambeauty.com. A Rohoto day eye cream which is a light peach colour so also acts as a brightener, a KATE Crystallize Quartx eyeshadow palette in purple and a Fairy Drops Bronzer.


I am mad into Lavender at the moment (call me Granny Candy) so I bought these sleep pads you stick on to your pillow, some oil blotting sheets which smell of lavender and some cooling eye sheets (that don’t smell of Lavender!). My eyes get very tired looking at a screen all day:


I got some random bits from eBay too, like Majolica Majorca’s eye pencil in brown (I love the black one) and Kiss Me’s Cache Cache brand curl mascara. I also bought a limited edition Hello Kitty lip balm:


I have wanted the Make Up For Every empty tin for ages and finally it came back in stock on Guru Make Up! It’s huge by the way – I am going to put my Lunasol eyeshadows and perhaps some loose NYX ones in there:


I also bought the Shu Uemura Goat Brush – it’s tiny! But it is for foundation – quite excited to use it.

I cannot wait to try this Spa Find Heavenly Hydration Scalp Mud – I have various issues with my sensitive, flaky scalp and have really got into these kind of treatments.


I am nuts for Lunasol, have some gorgeous palettes coming in! I also picked up their face cream, full glamour lipstick in bright red, a lip gloss in glittery green (I like weird colours) and a nuance chance foundation, which is basically a highlighter/concealer pen:


I don’t need a new foundation – at all – but I have a weakness for compact cream foundations because they are so excellent for top ups during the day:


Maquillage Essence Cover Compact UV Foundation is a creamy textured one. I bought it in a 30 which is in my experience is dark enough for my NC35 skintone.

I also got some new sheet masks from brands I’ve never heard of before.


This brand is called ‘Love More’ – I love the shape of the mask (it encompasses the neck and loops round the ears). I got Electric Ore and Rose Crystal & Tourmaline.

I also bought 2 packs of Princess Carnival sheet masks at the same time:


The packaging is so cute…….adorable I want it made into a notebook or a bag! I chose Provence Lavender Relaxing Mask (told you I love Lavender) and Aegean Rose Moisturising Mask.

I was sent some ELF make up to try out – two super funky shades of polish and a tinted moisturiser (I have actually tried it before in a lighter shade, and really liked the texture so it will be great to use it in a more suitable colour.) I also purchased a Jill Stuart Fruit & Aroma mist ‘moisture’ in….can you guess?! LAVENDER!


And finally…don’t ask:


No idea what the Friday post will bring. Hopefully some waxing products so I can try out the Vajazzle?!

Did you get anything nice in the post this week?

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  1. says

    Hit me up on twitter with where to get the Vajazzle kit from! I wanna Vajazzle myself for Gareth!

    I need them nude Lipsticks too, so you can send me a link to them please Miss Candy.

    They are your little jobs for today. Get to it!

  2. Alexandra says

    I did some major hauling this week. So far i have received
    A sigma face brush
    sigma eye brush
    smashbox antique gold eye liner
    the balm all about alex eye shadow
    smashbox in bloom eyeshadow palette
    smashbox halo with a mini kabuki
    smashbox bionic black violet eyeshadow
    smashbox blush
    china glaze nail polish
    zoya nail polish
    a mini box with 4 polishes from essie

    guess handbag and wallet

    im currently waiting for 2 makeup books and 2 secented candles which i ordered from the US.

    I have never ordered so much in my life lol.

  3. Kelly says

    I’m so excited lol! Cos I’ve bought some of the stuff I’ve been lemming! Can’t wait for reviews, esp fairydrops and maquillage cream compact, I’m a sucker for compacts too;-)

  4. Pam says

    I can’t wait for your reviews. I went on a spree a few weeks ago on Adambeauty and HK based sellers on eBay, and I am STILL waiting for the items to arrive. It’s definitely soured me on buying stuff from HK. I am much too impatient for international post. That said, a couple of the items I ordered were the Fairy Drops mascara (non waterproof) and base. I will be very interested in hearing your thoughts on these. They were sold out on Adambeauty once before and when I saw them stocking it again I snatched some up to try.

    I LOVE Lunasol. I’ve bought some random lipisticks and glosses on eBay for cheap and they have magically ALL worked on me. I’ve never had such luck on lippies with Western brands.


  5. Jen says

    lol at the Vajazzle.me kit…that answers my question of would you go the next step after a brazilian and get a vajazzle haha I totally didn’t expect there to be DIY vajazzle kits! Looking forward to reviews of everything you hauled, I love reading about Asian products, especially liking the look of those Love More sheet masks :)

  6. Ellone says

    , , ,

    Vajazzle? Lol.

    Hi I just recently found your blog and was curious about buying make up and beauty products on ebay. Do you have certain buyers you buy from that you could refer? I’m interested at looking at them…

    Unless you have a specific blog entry in which you wrote about them that you could refer to me?


  7. Lenna says

    I’m kinda curious as to wear that Fairy Drops bronzer came from…I though all Fairy Drops did was mascara. Xp

    Also….WTF VAJAZZLING??? XD You are too silly.

  8. birkie says

    Wow, fantastic haul! so many new goodies

    I am the most curious about the Fairy Drops creamy treatment base mascara, because I haven’t seen any review upon that one yet. So, I am looking forward for your review upon that one 😀