Review: Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift

Skin Doctors is a range founded in Oz, selling Cosmeceuticals (products that are somewhere between cosmetics and pharmaceutials).

Instant Eyelift 10ml-1.jpg

I tried out the Instant Eye Lift on my tired, tired eyes – a clear, very fluid solution that tightens up the area around the eyes.

They say:

Instant eye lift is a temporary eye lifting serum that painlessly smoothes away the signs of ageing in just a couple of minutes.

Under-eye wrinkles, bags, line and puffiness will disappear from sight. This formula holds the skin taut, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and will also soothe skin for a more youthful and rested appearance.

skindoctors instant eyelift.jpg

As mentioned above, this is like water – the texture is completely liquid which makes it slightly tricky to work with. Its clear and doesn’t smell of anything. The price is £20 (varies online…)


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DSC02377 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

I didn’t feel like there was much difference, but looking at the photo, there is some difference.

But, I am not sure of this product at all. Firstly the texture is completely watery and is difficult to control once it comes out of the pump bottle.

Secondly, when applied to the area, I got a little stinging especially on my eye lid. Then there was the tight sensation – imagine someone spreading you in egg white.

Then after I applied make up on top, it went crusty!:

DSC02386 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

Overall I can see that there is a tightening effect but I would rather choose a moisturizing eye cream to keep the are hydrated or a refreshing gel if my eyes are tired as I found this slightly uncomfortable and made my base go funny.


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  1. Jules says

    My friend bought this & I tried it – Rubbish! I went for Eyessential at twice the price, which is equally a pain to use – literally. The feeling takes some getting used to and like you say, even a hint of any cream underneath or make-up over the top turns it into a crusty, white mess.
    I’ve also recently tried Transformulas Eye Lifting Gel (bought on plane for £17) – I am supposed to have noticed a difference after 4 weeks but have not noticed a tiny thing. I’m going to start writing disgruntled letters to manufacturers now as I’m fed up with shelling out for nowt :(