SKII Air Touch Foundation

Oh yes, I am going all super high end on you. This is the SKII Air Touch Foundation:


Cate Blanchett is the spokeslady for SkII. Don’t kill me, but I seriously don’t think she’s beautiful. She’s a fine actress and I like her, but she always looks like she’s sucking a lemon.

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But I digress. You know air brushing is all the rage, darhling. This is my new experiment – an £85 experiment:


They say:

Using a unique spray applicator, SK-II’s brilliant new Airtouch Foundation delivers a fine mist of colour across the face; the longer your spray for, the denser the layer, meaning coverage is totally up to you, but somehow it looks believably natural no matter how much you apply. However, the really ingenious thing is the way the foundation only goes where it should do.

Nothing sticks to your clothes (even white T-shirts), nothing sticks to your hair and nothing sticks to your eye make-up, which, in a topsy-turvy turn of events, you have to apply first (omitting mascara, which comes later), along with blusher.

£85?! £85?! £85?!

So this comes in a big posh red box – you get a battery with it too! So here’s a review and tutorial too. This is the spray part of the foundation:


The refill:


Open the foil packet and get your tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny refill:


I got BP-4 which in hindsight it a little too pinky toned for me.


Next, bend the refill over, and click the plastic bit:


Next, take the cap off:


Back to the foundation part. Take the top shell off – its easy to remove:


Then take off the next layer, click the buttons on either side:


Now you have exposed the inside. Look at it and you will see the gap for your tiny tiny sachet of foundation:


Slip it in, so to speak:


Click it in – it doesn’t click in properly though:


Now click the lid back on – oh don’t forget to put the battery in:


Next, use the dial on the front and choose the droplet function to prime the foundation:


If you have done it right, a small amount of foundation will leak out:


Ok! You can now turn it to ‘on’ and it will spray!


I tested it on some tissue, as you can see its a fine misting:


I tried it on my hand – the coverage was sheer and it left a glow that dried quickly:


I used this for the first time today. The first thing I did was spray myself in the eye, which wasn’t as painful as poking it with a bourjois mascara brush, but it still hurt.

There is a slight problem in that I couldn’t see where the damn thing was applying itself. You are supposed to have a sufficient space between the spray and your face or it goes a bit patchy – which means you get a very light misting – great but then its harder to control and see where the colour has been applied.

Like I mentioned earlier, the colour isn’t 100% for me – I got this online so I choose what looked like the darkest shade (which for most Japanese brands, is never that dark anyway). Still, it leaves a nice glow but I can’t help but want to rub the foundation in a little after spraying.

The spray action itself is ok – it did stop and start a few times, I am thinking that the best misting comes when you point it downwards slightly. The battery should last long because you hardly get any foundation anyway and unless you are spraying your butt everyday, it should last for the duration of the refill.

It has great reviews on Make Up Alley – around 4.4, but for that price I wouldn’t expect less.

Perhaps I need to use it more to see if I love it but there’s something about the finish I don’t like and the method of application. I quite like the connection of warming some foundation up in your hand and dabbing it on your face, working it in etc. I do love technology very much, so I have enjoyed trying it out and even the boyf was excited by this little invention.

Seriously though. For £85 you can sponsor a child. Before you nag at me, I got this foundation from eBay for £21 (hehe) bargain buy, but seriously if I had paid £85 I would be very bitter – more bitter – about it.

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  1. says

    I’ve never understood the allure of Cate Blanchett, either; it’s not as bad as the Cult of Aniston, but white folks seem inordinately pre-occupied with the soggy bag of bones known as Cate Blanchett.

  2. Row says

    Hi Pandy!

    You know at one point I was team aniston, now I can’t bare her and her gigantic chin. Name some women we should love please, because I can’t think of any at the moment.

    Oh I know! Audrey Tataou!

  3. says

    I’m actually also on team Aniston, simply because I hate home-wrecking hussies (no matter how badly I may want to look like one).

    As for women we should love: it’s really hard for me to hate Charlotte Rampling, Monica Bellucci or Sophie Marceau; I wouldn’t mind looking like any one of those three. I shall have to put down the Haterade and think of a few others…

  4. Row says

    Hey Pandy

    But Chinnifer is so….Chinny. There are so many homewrecking hussies around these days that I can’t keep count.

    There must be some dirt on Monica Bellucci, she’s so hot that there has to be! I love Audrey Tatou, infact I just have a thing for French women in general.

  5. Erika says

    I lived here in Japan and I uses this SK II Air Touch Foundation too. I loooove this because you really look natural but with even skin complexion.Its like wearing a foundation but nobody would notice.They would think you have naturally flawless skin. I really love love love this, but the price of the refills is very expensive.
    So, instead of buying another 5ml refill, I buy the MAC Airbrush foundation (which is 50ml)and then using a syringe, I get MAC airbrush foundation and inject to my empty SKII refill bag. And then cover the small hole with the tape. It works for me=)

    • Row says

      Hi Erika

      Thats a brilliant tip! thank you. SKII is expensive so I’ll definately try this is out with a foundation I have (probably something quite light, not a cream). I’ll let you know if it works!


    • Trudy says

      Hi Erika,
      Was very interested in what you said about Using Mac to refill the SK II refills did you use a water based or liquid Foundation from Mac? really need to know as SK II are no longer making this product and I have two of the applicators that are now u.s

      • Row says

        MAC do an air brush foundation – its got a lighter texture so perhaps try that out?

      • says

        Best suggestion ever on the Mac refilling! I’ve been digging all over trying to get my hands on the refills since I am addicted to this airbrusher thing. It’s probably better they discontinued it so I don’t have to take out a second morgage to afford them!

  6. Gill says

    Please tell me if it worked! I have just ordered one of these gizmos off e-bay and I’m hoping I may be able to do this ‘injecting’ the refills with another foundation. Has anyone else tried it? Thanks!

  7. melanie says

    i know im a little late in replay but hopefully someone can answer my question. i too, bought one of these things off ebay after reading about how wonderful it was. unforutnately, i read a dated blog or something, because i had no idea these were discontinued. my question is how good are these MAC refills? are they the same quality as those of the original SKII refills? or would i be better off just cutting my losses and buying another foundation from one of the higher end brands (im thinking By Terry). i dont like MAC, that’s why im asking.