New Video & 5 Things That Help When You’re Ill

Hello gorgeous ladies,

Last night I thought I was going to die as the shakes completely took over my body…every part of me was aching. I have no idea if this diet I am doing is slowly killing me or if it was a bug just waiting for the right moment to take over my system but let’s just say I am not a happy bunny.

So I prescribe 5 things that will make you feel better when you’re ill.

One: Soup.

Ideally made with a mother’s hand. Can also be Nana. Can also be auntie. I guess it could also be a man, but it’s not quite the same. Here is my favourite for you:

Two: Vicks Vapour Rub

Get in a really hot shower, take a scoop and let the water melt it a bit. Rub all over your chest (avoid nipples), your shoulders, and lower back – avoid genitals. Do not wipe your eyes afterwards dab with a towel. I will no be responsible for accidents related to this technique!


Three: Japanese Heat Plasters – Tokuhon

I’ve used these since I was a kid, they are the BEST heated plasters out there – none of this Deep Heat crap, these work consistently, give out the right amount of heat and are easy to remove.


I steal these from my Nan but it looks like you can buy them here for £3.50.

Four: Lotus Olbas Oil Tissue

Everyone needs tissue when they have a muggy head and lot of snot, and from the first time I crushed one of these Olbas Oil tissues I was hooked. I buy a 6 pack from poundland when I get the chance, much cheaper than in Boots of Supermarkets. I don’t like Olbas Oil when used on it’s own though! The irony…


Five: Lots of Cuddles…

I think that when you are ill there should be one sympathetic friend nearby. At the moment mine is a cat, Electra – she’s such a good girl, even when she’s ready to puke she does it on the floor and not on the bed.

Later it will be Mr C. Tomorrow it will be Megs. It also gives you a chance to spread your disease about, give people a stronger, erm, immune system.


Come on white blood cells!…..

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  1. Jen says

    haha…my theory has always been that once you’ve passed your cold onto some unsuspecting individual, you start feeling muuuuch better :)

    Hope you start feeling better soon…bring on mama’s soup! MMMmmmmmm