Help for dry, chapped lips: Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment Review

Despite Lip Scrubs (even home made ones!) my lips are still incredibly dry and chapped.

So when I saw this Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment on eBay, I had to have it! Costing around £6 including shipping, I thought it was a rather cute investment.


Honey is hydrating and indeed a very nice treatment for this skin. A nice one to do is to just cover your lips in some good quality honey and cover it with some cling film for 10-15 mins. You can just lick it off afterwards (diet pending!).

But that kind of treatment can be messy – the Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment is convenient to use and can be applied whenever your lips are dry, or last thing at night.


The treatment is 50% real honey! And you can tell – the texture is a sticky and smells very…well, honey! It feels runnier than real honey but still thick in terms of your average lip gloss.

The runny texture means that the product is easy to apply, unlike real honey which is gloopy!

It comes in a pretty standard lip gloss type tube.

Seriously no issues at all applying this, but it is still sticky like normal honey. You could wear this as a lip gloss but prepared to have hair stuck on your lips all day.


The honey lip treatment isn’t overly yellow – just a tinge. Just generally looks like a clear gloss – I would never use this as a lip gloss anyway it would drive me insane, so I am happy with it being clear:


Here it is on my lips. I can’t stand anything this sticky on my lips for long – so I left it on for a while, had a hot drink, and voila – it had disappeared! Good – saves me licking it!

After the lip treatment:



Fairly Cheap

Tastes and Smells nice (like honey!)

Easy to apply

Leaves lips feeling softer


Very sticky and leaves that tacky feeling long after its gone

Very much a treatment only – I seriously would hate this texture on my lips if it was a lip gloss


Overall, it looks like the pros outweighh the cons but I’m not convinced by this product. The change in my lips were good but very temporary – the dryness returned soon after.

I would stick to a good scrub (I like Benefit’s scrubbing treatment) and then a thick, super nourishing lip balm (like La Mer’s) on top.

Or, if you want to do a honey treatment, just do it with some honey – after all this stuff is 50% honey so it’s almost the same thing, bar the texture.

So yes, this is good for a play but there are better ways to treat your lips out there.

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    Thanks for the great review! I’ve been tossing whether to try it or not but I thought I’ll finish my current balms first.