Hauled it: Napoleon Perdis & Laura Mercier Make Up Brushes Review

This post should actually be called, “damn you eBay” followed by “damn you hazy shopping” because god knows I don’t need any more make up brushes but I can’t resist the ‘Bay.

And yet….they still treat me like crap. Don’t you hate generic eBay answers to questions that tell you nothing at all? They should be sending me Birthday cards and giving me a direct line to their help desk where someone called Moss solves all my endless eBay problems.

eBay aside, I can’t help looking out for make up brushes that I don’t already have, especially if they are a different shape or made of a different hair.

I recently bought four new make up brushes – Laura Mercier’s Angled Face Brush, and three brushes from Napoleon Perdis. If you’ve never heard of them, they are a high end Australian brand – I love the look of their stuff but its’ hard to get over here.


My three brushes from Napoleon Perdis are:

Lip Brush 3H, Sable Eye Brush 5a and Sable Eye Brush 9a. All are made from soft sable and come with a fairly long handle.

Okay, but first, my Laura Mercier angled face brush. This reminds me of a Kabuki brush usually used for applying mineral make up (indeed, this is what the Laura Mercier site recommends it for). It has a short handle and is made from goat hair – not the softest of the lot but this brush is such good quality that the hair feels great.


The angled element of the brush is supposed to help with the coverage for all areas of the face. Obviously, it’s not essential but I have to say that I really like it – it’s a great brush for buffing product into the skin.

It’s mistake proof pretty much – really buffs powder away so it looks non-cakey. Then we have the Napoleon Perdis brushes.

Ooooohhh gosh. I love these! So gorgeous. The brushes are soft but also firm where necessary, and they make application so easy. There’s just a certain quality to good brushes and this brand has it.

The sable brush 5a is angled – great for lining under the eyes and on the top with a powder or gel/cream liner. I found that it was the right amount of firmness to not lose it’s shape…lovely….


I also picked up the sable lip brush 3H which is a rounded lip brush. I think this would be good for applying gel liner as well, but yes, as a lip brush it’s great. The firmness and rounded edge helps get a nice even line especially with darker shades….

I really like! I will rarely use lip brushes but even so, I can appreciate how nice this brush is and of course, I can use it for other things…


Finally I bought an angled eyeshadow brush 8A. This is a lovely size for working on the crease line – it fits right there, it’s not so big that you end up with a sludgy colour, it’s not so small to be unhelpful.

It also blends nicely for under the eyes and the brush hair is just so lovely! Soft but firm! Soft but firm!



eBay is a great place to pick up make up brush bargains, but always be wary – use a seller with good feedback and don’t be to afraid to ask if you are not sure about where a brush came from. I personally avoid buying MAC brushes on eBay because that is a brand that has been faked to much for me to be sure.

The Laura Mercier face brush is nice, but I ADORE the Napoleon Perdis ones – shame it’s so hard to buy in the UK. I will collect these as I see them appear anyway – unless someone wants to send me over to Oz?!?

(I paid about £8 each for the NP brushes and £12 for the Laura Mercier)

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  1. baby in a corner says

    i love brushes! plus since they last forever they are a much better purchase than other cosmetic stuff which will go off after a year or so.

  2. says

    Hello! I’m moving back to NZ in September, and we have Napoleon Perdis there as well. Funnily enough I’m stopping in HK for 10 days if you’re interested in any particular brands. I know where the SkinFood shop is! Give me a heads up if you’d like anything, happy to send it to you! :) You can tweet me too- @tanyapants x

  3. Rayna says

    Hi! I’m Aussie anyway but as the prices are cheaper you’ve inspired me to pick up some Napoleon brushes on ebay. I found some great prices, but the seller is located in Hong Kong. Not necessarily an indication of being fake, but wondering if you have any tips on how to tell, or what sellers I should look for.