Drink Diet Coke, Buy More Stuff! ASOS Discount Code Offer!

As if my coke addition needed any more encouragement I noticed they were doing their ASOS discount offer again!

Look out for the limited edition Diet Coke cans (you have to pay attention because I noticed at my local store there were only 2 on the whole shelf!). Look on the back of the ring pull (buy the can first) and text it to the number specified. You will either win a voucher worth £100, £20 or £10.


Regardless of whether you win or not, everyone gets a £5 off voucher for every £20 spend and you can use it on sale goods! The code is a one off, you can’t reuse or share it though you could wind someone up by doing so.

(It’s better than that Groupon ASOS voucher – did any one else buy that? I found that you couldn’t use it on sale goods and when trying to refund or change the item, I could only do a size exchange!)

Codes run out on 20/06/2011. I am ashamed to say I have been drinking more Diet Coke because of this and doing lots of little £20 spends (with the free delivery option of course!)

Anyone else used this offer?!

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  1. says

    I am the same! I have a huge diet coke and ASOS addiction so have about 10 £5 off a £20 spend codes in my inbox haha..I want a hundred quid tho :) xxx

  2. says

    Are sodas in the UK made with sugar or high fructose corn syrup? I like those made with sugar more.

    Also are sodas in the UK really pricey? A long time ago I read an article where a woman whined about giving up her 2 sodas a day habit after moving with her hubs to England because they were too pricey. Always thought that was funny.

    • Row says

      Hi Gloria

      Well a can of coke is about 70p? Or £1.20 in a bottle. They’re made with sugar or if they’re diet made with aspartane most of the time. So bad for you!