Randomness Post No. 2: Fyrinnae Pigment Random Eyeshadow Swatches

Ok, I am in a really random mood today, so this is my random post number 2 of 5!

Finally, some other random eyeshadows from Fyrinnae I forgot I owned! No idea if they still sell these, hopefully they do :)

Magic Missiles:

Fyriannie Pigment Eyeshadow Yellow.jpg

A bright sunshine yellow.


Fyrannie Pigment Platinum Eyeshadow Metal Silver .jpg

The perfect cool metallic silver – reminds me of a cooler version of Newcastle.


Fyrannie Fyrannae Eyeshadow disorganisation Pigment.jpg

A rich dark brown mushroom kind of shade – there’s some silver bits in it too.


Fyrannaie Eyeshadow Pigment blue and green make up.jpg

Its a very rich blue like what a Beetle’s shell would look like. Probably.


Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches .jpg

Platinum is lovely as is Mystic! But they are all pretty lovely pigments!

What do you think?

Which is your favourite?

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