Review: The Pro Make Up Shop Disposable Mascara Wands

I was completely intrigued when I saw The Pro Make Up Shops range of disposable mascara wands. The Pro Make Up Shops range is different because they are different sizes and shapes!

Make up counters and artists should always use a disposable brush when doing your make up – always. If they don’t do not let them touch your precious eyes!

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Now I don’t share mascara with anyone but it didn’t stop be trying some of these out. If there is one make up item I waste too much money on it is Mascara. I have about 30 which now need a good sort out but its difficult throw away a mascara you have spent £10 on a mascara you have used once. Being able to try them out with disposables (and if they don’t work, passing them on with friends and family) makes everything more hygienic.


They also have a general disposable face kit too with eyeshadow sponges, cheek brush etc. In the mascara collection there is:


1. Particular Polly Precision Mascara for small little hairs.

Reminds me of Shu Uemuras Length & Waterproof brush which is excellent for Asian, short lashes.


2. Natural Nadine which is a good all rounder – the classic disposable make up brush shape.


3. Voluptuous Veronica Volumising Brush – for drama and volume.

Reminds me of L’oreal Voluminous – that kind of thing.


4. Wide Eyed Wendy Tapered Mascara Brush – you can’t tell in the photo but it has a slightly flat edge. This gets into the corners.


5. Curvy Carolina Mascara Brush – for curled lashes and or getting into corners.

Reminds me of Lancome Definicils (and other Lancome mascaras), Max Factor Calorie 2000.


6. Long Tall Lucy Medium Mascara Brush – for thick, eye catching lashes.

Reminds me of MUFE Waterproof Mascara and Shiseido Lift Mascara.


7. Shapely Shelly Hour Glass Mascara Brush – for long lashes and curls.

I have a few in this shape but I can’t remember exactly which ones – I think MAC mascara N and NYX Dolly Lash have this kind of shape, which I am quite fond of.


8. Big Bertha Extra Large Brush – for the fake lash effect.

Reminds me of a lot of brushes that are about at the moment, Like Benefit Bad Gal or Diorshow or YSL Faux Cils.


There is one more brush which is called Show Stopping Sam, another large, rounded brush.

bear_lashes_01_v.jpg (JPEG Image, 300x370 pixels).jpg

Verdict? I had fun playing with these different brushes although it is obviously more useful for pros that it is for normal women. If you are like me and you have lots of mascaras and tend to love them then leave them it could be worthwhile as you can then pass the mascaras on.

Its also a good chance to play with different brushes to see what you like. You can love a formula but hate the brush (or vice versa!) so its just a bit of flexibility.

You can buy a pack of 27 brushes (3 of all nine styles) for £5.99 here.

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