New Mascara Alert! Boots No. 7 Exceptional Definition Mascara for volume and definition!

Bonjour my pretties…*cackle*!

What can start the week of better than a new mascara review and I have for you today the new release from Boots No, 7 – Exceptional Definition Mascara.

Boots No. 7 mascaras always come in such chubby tubes:


Exceptional Definition Mascara comes in Black and Brown/Black, and is here to help us get definition and volume. No clumps, okay? The brush is special and tailored to help you reach every lash, especially the pesky buggers at the end of your eye and inner corners!

Observe, the brush:


Note how this brush is trying to cover a few things in one small area!

The short area reaches all the lashes from the base to the tip, the longer side is there to help separate lashes and to add volume, and the spiky tip reaches every lash (and it is rather helpful and rather similar to this).

The long side is made for combing:


Short side for application and getting close to the roots with no clumps:


Top of the brush:


Also, this mascara contains a Cashmere Keratin and Hydrolyzed Soy Protein which help condition, nourish and strengthen the lashes. Treatment and mascara in one is becoming popular, no?

Ok, so far I think the packaging is a bit chubby, I love the idea of the brush, the formula seems ok and like a light gel texture and all else is fine.

The test!

Bare Lashes:


My eyes are quite red at the moment, I am more tired than I have ever been!

So we comb through with on coat. I use the stubby side, then the wider comb, then the tip with a light hand. Note – my mascara came in brown/black although I think it still worked well, there may be less “oomph” than with my usual black.

One coat:


Note, curl has been held. Hurrah! Also love the separation and definition. Volume is ok, not outstanding.

Two coats:


Flopping has occured (see the outer half of my eye).

This problem of floppy mascara is quite specific to me though, and other ladies with sparse, short, straight lashes. Those of you with long lashes with natural curl, I do not forsee this happening (I tried this on my friend I work with who has glorious lashes and indeed, her curl was in tact).

There is more length and more volume – I do like the separation this mascara gives, although my lashes look a bit spidery.

What is good about the brush though, is that it’s dead easy to keep coming through the lashes until you are happy.


From another angle, there is a lot more length than before, my lashes are basically in recovery from extensions!

Overall I like the brush on this mascara – its good for controlling how much product you use and it’s nice for defining the inner and outer corners of your eye.

The downside is that the volume is so-so and I think if anything, this mascara is better for length. Also, in my own personal case, it made my lashes flop so for me it’s instant ‘You’re Dumped!” but I assure you my colleague, with her far better behaved lashes is loving this hot piece.

This mascara comes in Black and Brown Black and is £12.50. Launched on August the 11th 2010 online and on Boots No. 7 Counters.

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  1. baby in a corner says

    the thing i don’t like about no7 mascaras is that they work out about 17e in Ireland. With lancome being about 22e or so, they are almost bordering on the price for high end which is a bit ridiculous as i wouldn’t compare the two for quality.

    • Row says

      They aren’t cheap…funny thing is so much make is overpriced. Like I was going to pick up a drugstore treat for myself like a Maybelline mascara and its actually like £8 these days!!! Wait – a MAC one is only £12 or so!

  2. Kirsten T says

    The whole sectioning of brush head for different function is pretty neat! But what’s the the clumping! The “comb” isn’t working..

  3. Shari Reilly says

    I have long lashes, but they’re stick straight. Like the hair on my head, they hate holding a curl, so anything that’s going to make the curl flop is out. I do like the trend of having mascaras enriched with lash conditioners though.

  4. Zoe Hunter says

    can I suggest that you have the instructions the wrong way round… you are supposed to apply with the curved spiky edge, then comb with the flatter edge. I have tried your way and got similar results to you, tried the no7 way and it works every time… check the boots website and the advert if you think Im wrong x

    • Row says

      Hi Zoe

      The promotional material I was sent said use the flat side first then spiky, HOWEVER, I shall indeed retry this the other way and post the results on this site, updated :) I do really want mascaras to work, since I am always buying and discarding them if they don’t! x

  5. zoe says

    Row…. Hope you have better luck! It does give better coverage but I now think the maybelline falsies mascara is better. I know what you mean about MAC. I use MAC a lot but live some way from the nearest outlet and dont wanna pay delivery. MAC assure me they have a new mascara coming out this month or next which is pretty WOW. Get yourself on their mailing list if you arent already! The MAC technakhol liner in graph black is brilliant for filling in gaps on the lower lashes… try smudging a line right close to the lashes… almost on them.. not only doe it fill gaps but it also seems to lightly coat the lower lashes so you might not even need to mascara them. I use no 7 amazing eyes liquid liner in brown on my top lash line.. I know its brown and then I use black underneath but black on top can look a bit harsh and the brown just gives it a softer edge and isnt a glaringly obvious difference. I do all that after applying MAC copperplate eyeshadow on the lid blended into the crease and slightly above with a highlighter on the browbone. Copperplate is really versatile… it looks different depending on what you use it with.. it looks brown in the pallete but on with the liner and mascara described about it takes on a kind of taupy grey effect which is perfect for day or built up for night…

    Can I post a pic on this blog to show you what I mean? let me know how x