5 Day Giveaway! Day 5: I Coloniali- Relaxing Bath Cream

Today I have a I Coloniali Relaxing Bath Cream for you. Its super luxurious, super swish.

Coloniali<br/> Relaxing Bath Cream with Bamboo Extract.jpg

Wanna win it?

How to enter…

Either leave a comment telling me ‘Tell me a resolution you’ve set yourself….that you’ve already broken.’


Erm….well I haven’t managed to cut out my carbs (pasta for dinner) and I’ve done a teeny weeny bit of unnecessary shopping but I feel really bad, I do!


Follow me on Twitter and retweet (RT) the following message:

RT @cosmetic_candy: RT to Win a I Coloniali- Relaxing Bath Cream. http://tinyurl.com/ydlnaxm

You may enter twice by using both methods too.

Good Luck!

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  1. Julie Booth says:

    tiddles12 on twitter….. well, I started off very weell, jogging last Friday, saturday and sunday evening, and then gym on monday evening, but then it snowed Tuesday, so no jogging since….am I forgiven due to snow attack?

  2. Heather Bellamy says:

    I was going to take my make-up off every night but I’ve fallen asleep twice so far without doing it,Ipromise I only had a teensy bit of wine!, but on the positive side I have taken it off 6 out of 8 nights so I’m not doing too bad :). (@anybunnies on Twitter)

  3. madmagz22 on twitter my new year resolution was nothing! Ive tried so many times to say right this year i will give up, or do. so only way to be really happy is not have one and take each day as it comes!

  4. stop falling asleep with my contacts on! did it last night :0

  5. Jane Willis says:

    I resolved to read at least one book a week to help to clear my backlog of unread books. Week 1 of 2010 passed without me even opening a book (apart from recipe books which don’t count)

  6. I resolved to be in bed every night by 10.30 – but ended up going out to toboggan at 10.45 one night because I couldn’t resist it!

  7. @dizzylady1012 I tried another year to quit smoking and didn’t make it past 1/1. Ugly habit!

  8. I planned to ‘abstain’ myself from the computer for at least once a week but didn’t really succeed.

  9. ANGIE COOPER says:

    Not to enter competitions – whoops !!!!

  10. to go to church every Sunday…. missed the 1st Sunday, will plan to make it 2mrw! 😉

  11. Samantha Grabham says:

    Made resolution to drinks loads more water. Oh dear am now on Rum and Coke !

  12. Chocolate i already break my new year resolution.

  13. tousledkitten says:

    Yeah, eating less chocolate was a good one. *swallows* What? I was hungry. 😛

  14. I always say that I’m going to try to eat more healthy and exercise…haven’t been very consistent with this so far.

  15. I follow on twitter and retweeted…


  16. *hellokelbell* says:

    Try to go to bed and get up at a reasonable time on the weekends so im not so tired on monday morning. Never happens.

  17. Well, I told myself no more sweets, but yesterday I went out and bought a bag of chocolate. But I shared with the boyfriend! Does that still count as cheating? :(

  18. Jennifer P says:

    I broke the “I am going to be more patient with my 2 teenage sons”. It actually didn’t take long to break this, but I work on it every day!

  19. I told myself that i’d get out more…be more social. But here i am at home…once again!

  20. I have been spending way too much time on the internet! better go.. but I hope I win :)

  21. not to overfeed my dory the pug, but cant do it!
    RT here: http://twitter.com/wifluvelle/status/7580585621

    xoxo elle

  22. I didn’t set any resolution for myself, so can’t say I’ve broken any :-)

  23. I haven’t exercised!

  24. Carla pullum says:

    Of course working out daily and eating better seriously I will strat tomorrow! ha!
    Carla in California!

  25. That going to the gym concept…not really working out. I did go for a few days, but then I had to do some errands, so I skipped that day. And again, I had to go to check out the BOGO sale! So another day gone. Then I figured I should take a relaxing bath the next night, because it was almost friday. And on friday, I thought I shouldn’t have to go to the gym, because it’s the end of the week, silly. And so I guess…That resolution didn’t really work out.

  26. I just want to become a morning person. Or a day person at least. Start sleeping at night and waking up before noon, like most healthy people do. My sleeping patterns are sooo messed up. Ah.

  27. I never make them so haven’t broke any.

  28. I am trying to really focus on my school work. Right now, I still have a paper due in a few hours and I’m literally doing every thing except that ><.

  29. I am trying to cut down on smoking cigarrettes. However, I need alot more self coontrol to achieve my goal.

  30. I was trying to cut down on smoking cigarretes. I have not done it as yet.

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