Etude House LUCIDarling Lipgloss and Rouge Pick and Mix! Swatches! Review!

Etude House LUCIDarling lip glosses and lipsticks are rather lovely – I’ve tried a few shades before, and they’re pretty pigmented and hydrating.

I bought 2 lipsticks and 2 lip glosses, I wanted a cool toned mauve and a reds.


I’ve come to realise I buy more lipsticks than lip glosses – I guess it’s because it needs topping up so often!

These two LUCIDarling lip glosses are very pigmented and glossy…#alttext#

07 is a beautiful mauve which I just love.

01 is a bright red. Both are very pigmented and very glossy. 07 has little shimmer, 01 is quite shimmery. Both can be worn on their own quite easily.

Lipsticks – I’m not sure if the lip glosses and lip sticks are supposed to corresponded but I chose using my eye:


These lipsticks are very nice and pigmented. They’re creamy – the only fault I see is that it can cling to dry spots. It’s not as rich and silky as say, YSL Rouge Volupte but it’s sort of in that ball park.

They’re pigmented, not opaque but quite strong in colour which is something Korean make up is good for – Japanese errs on the more sheer side.



Here is 05 lipstick and 07 lip gloss on top. I love this combo even if it is quite bold!


When it comes to reds – I like red but at the same time I prefer hot pinks! This is 02 an 01 – once again works well together but I don’t think I like glossy dripping reds. Looks a bit…flirty…and in a bad way.


I think I am most likely to wear the mauve lipgloss on it’s own followed by the mauve lipstick on it’s own. I like the LUCIDarling range overall – if you’re new to Etude House it’s a really fun range to try.

I bought these from eBay for around £9 per item.

What do you think of these lip colours?

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  1. Emily says

    What I love most about LUCIDarling products is the packaging. Especially the boxes — they’re just so beautiful. I almost like them more than the makeup!