Neutrogena Multi Defence Daily Moisturiser For All Skin Types Review

I’ve already decided that Neutrogena does the best budget skincare out there, whether it’s for cleansing or moisturising. I am quite dedicated to Neutrogena’s face wash and also their 2 in 1 mask/cleanser.

So I was quite please to get a sample of their Multi Defence Daily Moisturiser which comes in 3 combinations, for all skin types, for dry & sensitive skin and for oily & combination skin. Good idea!


They say:

Neutrogena has worked with dermatologists and scientists to develop its first daily skin care range clinically proven to provide protection from 5 major daily aggressors: sun, heat, cold, pollution and wind, keeping your skin beautifully healthy looking every day.

Enriched with PROT-AOX technology, this lightweight formula hydrates skin all day long and strengthens its natural defences.

This version (for all skin types also has SPF 25)…I used this for a few weeks as a daytime moisturiser (I chose something thicker at night time) and to be honest, it performed so well. There’s something about how simple, how plain this cream is (or how it feels!) that works for my skin.

It sinks in quickly, it provided a decent amount of hydration (if you’re really dry choose the dry cream version!) and just…well did what it said on the tin. I had no allergies from this and my skin just good better:


I have about half of the tube left and will continue to use it as it gets sunnier(because of the SPF 25 element!). I guess at the moment I am trying to find a moisturiser that is anti-ageing and also skin refining but that won’t cause my skin to flare up (a lot harder than expected!).

This Neutrogena doesn’t leave my skin looking brighter but it just looks healthier…this might actually be the perfect companion to a fancy serum, since it’s quite simple and won’t irritate my skin!


I believe the retail price is £7.49 but Boots currently has an offer on for this product.

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  1. kirsty says

    I have the dry skin version of this, it’s ok. Was concerned that the dimethicone would irritate my skin but luckily it hasn’t. Mine only has SPF 15 though