My new make up brush love: Trish McEvoy Mistake Proof Sheer Application Brush & Facial!

I went for a facial at the Trish McEvoy counter near me a week or so ago.

(In case you don’t know, a lot of brands in department stores like Harvey Nichols and Selfridges will have a beauty room that some brands book the space and use to give their clients facials using their products.)

Usually there is a charge for the treatment and this is redeemable on a purchase. I’ve these kinds of facials before with Shu Uemura and RMK, and now with Trish McEvoy.*

*Not all counters do this, not all stores do it. You can always ask at your favourite brand counters if they do.

For me it’s a good way to have a treatment, try out some skincare and see if it’s ok with my skin and also a chance to buy some make up because the fee is redeemable!

Anyway I was invited to try the facial out, which was lovely (more on that later) but I couldn’t help picking up the Mistake Proof Sheer Application Brush:


They used this on me the last time I went for a make over and I was so so so so so impressed by it. I own skunk brushes (or fibre brushes, whatever you call it) but I don’t really like them. Some people use them for foundation, some for blush – I just find they are streaky and take quite a lot more work than my fingers!

But this brush…was something else. But I did mull over it for a while because it’s expensive at £36 (I think it was £36, around that price mark anyway) and do I really need another make up brush? No.

But this baby has beautiful soft hairs…To me, it’s lighter and finer than the MAC duo fibre brush, a LOT finer even if it doesn’t look it.


You can tell especially when you have applied foundation and the hairs naturally stick together a bit. It’s really fine, it makes foundation application very quick, non streaky and natural.

I was surprised by how little product Grace (the MUA) used and how quick it was to get an even finish. It’s such a an easy to use brush.

I think fingers work the best but I end up with make up every where usually. Not with this – makes it easy, no more foundation on the pillow/shirt/bag/cat for me!


Like I said it’s not cheap but so recommended if you want something that gives you a light finish quickly and evenly.

All I really want now is the Trish McEvoy M20 Face Blender Brush! It’s dinky, amazing for applying blusher.

So I mentioned earlier I had the Trish Facial with Emma from the counter!

All I can say is, although it wasn’t the longest treatment, it was so lovely – the Trish Products do agree with my skin, I was a bit concerned about allergies with there suddenly being a ton of new stuff put on my face but I had no problems at all.

In fact I glowed! No concealer needed.

And Emma…If you crushed a million pixies (the nice ones) and blended them with cotton candy, chocolate and orchids you would make Emma.

She is a trained beauty therapist and it really shows in the way she did the facial, a firm touch, none of this prancing about applying cold things to my face (still bitter!), it was just a lovely lovely facial, I hope she does mobile Trish facials one day because I’ve realised good beauty therapists are hard to find.

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