Where is your favourite place to buy make up?

A reader asked me where my favourite place to buy make up is. My natural answer was…well lots of places…but then I realised that that is a lie! I have some clear favourite spots!


See I am an online shopper – I can’t help it, I just love it. Whilst I will frequent Boots, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges for my favourite brands I also love to discover new things and trends in Asian make up. So looking through my emails, my two favourite places to buy make up are:

1. eBay

What I buy there:

On eBay I buy mainly Korean make up like Etude House, Baviphat, Skinfood and all of my current loves. It costs more than retail but you can get some amazing deals too and there are some excellent sellers (would you guys be interested in a list of my favourite sellers?)

eBay is not without it’s frustrations but it’s the best place for me to buy random and rare bits of make up (I just ordered a Shu Uemura blusher called Steam, which is a highlighter I have wanted for ages!).

Last thing bought and when:

VOV Castle Dew Eyeshadow Quads in two variations, a brown and a blackened blue, about 12 minutes ago! (at the time of writing)


I probably buy something from eBay about 5-20 times a week.

2. Adambeauty.com

Why I buy there:

There are loads of places to buy Asian make up and Adambeauty.com was one of the first and quite frankly my favourite because his prices are always fair unlike some sites that mark up to a ridiculous price and then add on Paypal charges and shipping charges and insurance charges etc.

Adambeauty charges a flat rate of $2 for insured shipping – note that he now offers EMS too but it’s not necessary for parcels to the UK – it’s super efficient and with me in 4-7 days. Hong Kong post is excellent.

Last thing bought and when:

Oh dear I ordered several items; Rohto Lip glosses in pink and rose, Sony CP Lip Concealer, Sony CP Lash Sculpture Mascara (amazing amazing amazing, stock up everyone now cos it WILL sell out), Kose Softymo Eye Make up remover (the best, no question), Lavshuca’s new blushers and some foam hair dye!


Just whenever there’s something new added or when I need to stock up on something. About once a week I think.


Ok your turn!

Name your favourite shop (online or high street store):

Why do you shop there?:

Last thing you bought there and when?:

Frequency you shop there:

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  1. says

    Drugstores! Specifically ainz tulpe or daikoku.

    Because they have a large selection and often good prices or ok point plans.

    Stila baked eyeshadow trio, masks, body lotion, and a lancome color fever lipstick on sale.

    A couple times a month.

  2. says

    I’m an eBay and Adambeauty fan as well <3 Though I use eBay most of the time. I also shop at Ichibankao and Facial Shop from time to time. I bought the new Rouge Enamel Glamour by Maquillage from the Facial Shop yesterday just because it had the lowest price lol

  3. baby in a corner says

    I don’t have a credit card so can’t buy online! But I do love shopping fancy department stores – the cosmetics is about all I can afford but its fun to get that luxurious shopping experience!

  4. Wendy A. says

    Sephora and ebay as well especially because the swatches of the colors are really accurate and ebay usually has a good track-record when it comes to certain sellers and they have awesome pictures.
    Sometimes I find it best that the companies website has good deals but the swatches are awful.
    XO from Mexico.

  5. says

    Name your favourite shop (online or high street store):
    For Asian goodies, I shop at Sasa, for more local goodies, I shop at Target or CVS.

    Why do you shop there?:
    I like Sasa because they have some stuff that I can’t find anywhere else, and I’m afraid to try eBay because of the whole fear of fake items. Sasa takes forever to shop stuff though, but I don’t buy enough to get free EMS…so yeah. Xp Target and CVS are easy to drive to and have a good selection of different stuff too. Especially like buying stuff at Target because they always have some kind of special where certain items comes with bonus freebies. And I love freebies!

    Last thing you bought there and when?:
    Got some IsQueen BB from Sasa this morning, which means I’ll actually get it in about 2 weeks.

    Frequency you shop there:
    I usually shop at Sasa or CVS or Target every few months.

  6. liloo/tsunimee says

    Ok then, my turn :)
    My favourite shops are 1. superdrug 2. boots 3. blog sales lol.
    I go to superdrug and boots pretty much 2 saturdays a month and can’t resist to buy something from there/ I like shopping there because it’s cheap-ish although, my god, i find gosh cosmetics and bloom cosmetics a bit dear really!
    last thing i bought were two posh shadows from my face cosmetics at boots, called blingtone something, there were £10 each. It was a comfort buy because i had travelled miles to go clothes shopping and nothing was fitting.
    Buying from high street doesnt mean i spend less, i am tempted all the time to buy some cheap tat. oh and i bought this amazing shadow from mo.17 cosmetics, called FUNFAIR. yummie x 1000

  7. tiffany says

    i buy my makeup mainly from trips to hongkong to grab all the makeup as the brick and mortar store surely have much more variety

    would you kindly share your list of favourite ebay sellers?


  8. Emilyjane says

    I’m an online girl too – I can’t bear the sales assistants in stores. I buy most things from kultkosmetik.de, Kosmetikkaufhaus.de, and Douglas.de. (I live in Germany).
    I find that these three stores cover all my needs from high end stuff like Chanel and Shiseido to slightly harder to get and drugstore (max factor and t. le clerc) to niche stuff like Makeup forever and embryolisse. miow.

  9. Cindy says

    I am from New Zealand and we don’t get certain brands here such as Urban Decay, Too Faced and Benefit. They are brands I’ve always wanted to try more of so I shop on eBay quite often – but shipping to New Zealand can be quite costly :(

    Heck, even ELF and NYX can be difficult to find here. The stores that sell them charge 2-3 times more than it does in the UK and USA.

    Anyway, to answer the question… My favourite places to buy make up from is eBay, MAC (so overpriced here!) and Farmers (department store).

  10. says

    I love the last pic! LOOOOL!!!

    Name your favourite shop (online or high street store): Lately I’ve been shopping from http://www.cambree.de

    Why do you shop there?: They carry nice brands, like Sigma, BarryM,Sleek,China Glaze etc! Until recently they carried NYX too, but they stopped selling it! I have no idea why! :( They ship fast and they pack everything very carefully! Great customer service too! :)

    Last thing you bought there and when?: I bought 2 Sigma brushes, 5 China Glaze nail polishes and 10 BarryM Dazzle Dusts! :) I love them all !!!

    Frequency you shop there: Once every month or every 2 months! :)

    I also shop from http://www.eyeslipsface.co.uk whenever they have new stuff out or whenever I run out of any essentials! :) I love elf! 😀

  11. Shari says

    I shop a lot on eBay, too much at Sephora (a chain over here in the US), and the occasional drug store (er, chemist shop?)

    I would love to see a list of people you buy from on eBay, see if there’s anyone I’ve been missing.

  12. Julia says

    It’s based in the US but they carry authentic products like MAC, Lancome, YSL etc as well as Maybelline, Stila and Urban Decay. They also have a lot of discontinued and limited edition MAC products at a reduced price. Postage isn’t too bad but it can get expensive for some items.

    I like to shop there as they have US products that I can’t buy in store here in Aus (like Too Faced and Urban Decay). The last item I bought from there was a Lancome Artliner ($21.74 AUD incl. postage) and that was 6 weeks ago. I just placed an order the other day and I’m in the middle of placing another.

    I always like to check for new products a couple times a week as they change quite frequently.