Aube Haul (Coil Mascara & Lipstick) etc.

I had a little dabble in Esprique’s new base and some Aube products today.

Aube is brand that I always seem to purchase and 85% I’m not that happy with the goods.  I have the other Aube Mascaras and they do nothing for me – too much lash floppage.

This is the new comb – I’m not really keen on comb mascaras, I find they take a bit longer to apply and don’t do much for me.  This one has three surfaces you can use to comb…

Anyway.  Its brilliant.  Amazing.  My.  Gulp. New. Favourite.  Mascara.

One coat:

Excuse my teery eyes.  I know I said I loved Integrate and I do, I do, but this one is real faux lash territory…

LOVE! 10/10.

I also tested out their long lasting lipstick in PK 723 a nude natural lipstick.

Even though its a long lasting lipstick, its definately on the glossy side as opposed to matte.  There’s a nice shimmer and texture.  I noticed this lasted pretty well (not hardcore – I’m talking 3 hours including a drink).  Very nice! If only I didn’t leave the lid off and have it crushed at the bottom of my bag.

Since it was only $30 I picked up the Esprique foundation:

The foundation end has a plastic cover which is clever and makes sure theres no dust build up.  Its a nice powder foundation but I think it would work better on those with oily skins.  Mine is combination and it looks a little dry.  I would use this as a top up powder when my skin gets shiny and oily, but not first thing in the morning as its a bit cakey.

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  1. Row says

    Hey Nikki! Its really nice and I don’t like Aube that much and I don’t like comb mascaras much. The only thing is I think ist a tiny bit drying so I’d recommend a base first!