All those Blues! Frontcover Palette Mermaid Dreams, Review, Swatches & Make Over

Whenever I mention the Frontcover range on this blog, the ladeez love it! Frontcover make palettes that come with tons of colours, brushes, sometimes lashes, sometimes mascara etc. They’re like complete kits or looks in a box.

Mermaid Dreams is one of Frontcover’s latest releases. Just on first sight, I knew it was my bag. All those blues and greens!


This palette contains 20 shades of eyeshadow, all baked colours, a shadowline, which is a product you can use to convert any eyeshadow into eyeliner and a applicator brush.

The box comes with a number of looks on the inside that you can copy with clear colour guides and instructions:


I also went to the Trafford Centre to meet Frontcover’s Creative Director, Michelle White and their resident make up artist, Leanne Shaw for a quick chat and make over!

Want a closer look at the palette?Here is the palette – I do think the shades are gorgeous.

Baked powders have a certain quality to them – I remember years ago the girls on Shu Uemura telling me how their shadows are baked for a highly pigmented, soft texture.

The Frontcover Mermaid Dreams palette is overall, a high quality palette with a nice variety of colours:


The pigmentation overall is good, but also a little varied. I found that the darker shades swatched better than the lighter ones:



I found the Frontcover baked shadows, like many other baked ones I have tried recently are slightly harder in texture than a lot of the pressed shadows I have. The colours are totally workable of course and you can use them wet (or with the shadowline) to get more pigmentation.



The blues felt stronger than the greens in this case.

Using the shadow line – now apparently you don’t need to wipe this between colours, just dip into the pot and mix with your shadow:


Both Michelle and Leanne were lovely – they were so completely excited about the brand and talked to me about what was next for Frontcover (I said how I don’t like cardboard packaging, and apparently next in the pipeline is shadows you can pick and pop into a palette).

Here is the look Leanne did for me – I wanted something bold and blue!


Leanne also used MAC Face & Body foundation on my, and a Cargo mascara. Everything else was from the Frontcover palette.


Leanne spent a lot of time layering the shadow on my eye lid building up the colour and blending, and explaining how to use the colours well.


Mermaid Dreams is on sale, just £12.50 from boots at the time of writing!

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