Review: Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner

In the corner of Boots, I have seen Colorsport sulking in the corner of the lashes/beauty accessories corner but have never stopped to try any of it out – it just didn’t look very inspiring.

Now you know I love my Japanese long lasting eyeliners – boy do they stay put. So when I say the 24 hour eyeliner I had to give it a try:


I was reading a grumpy review of this product (grumpier than me) that asked what the point of 24 hour make up is. The thing is 24 hour make up isn’t supposed to be left on for 24 hours – obviously. It’s just supposed to stay on perfectly until YOU want to take it off. Might thats 10 hours, maybe its 12 but a ’24’ hour product lets you choose.


No normal eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, foundation lasts absolutely perfectly on me from 8am when I wake to 6pm when I get home from work. My eyes are super watery, and I rub them a lot. I sweat. I have lots of coffee ands snacks through the day.

This eyeliner is not like an art pen like the Japanese ones tend to be. This is like a felt tip marker – therefore it feels a bit hard. Makes it a little tricky to apply I think, but its not too bad. The colour is nice an black, which was cool since I was worried it would be a little grey/watery black.


I actually like this. The applicator choice of a felt tip is not the best but it is a TRUE black and it lasted a good 8 hours on me (remember I water and water all day). Not quite as long as the Japanese Koji eyeliner but long enough. Its a good way for ladies to get a long lasting line I think, if they don’t want to buy goods from overseas. It’s about £6.

Rating: 3 and a half/5

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  1. Laura says

    I had a totally different experience with the Colorsport 24 hour eyeliner.
    I couldn’t get it to last three minutes, let alone 24hrs. Maybe it reacted with my moisturiser, I don’t know.
    The pen applicator is too hard, and I had to keep going over and over the area before the colour took. It smudged straight away, and even after leaving it 15 mins to dry, it still smudged.
    I used it once then threw it away. It is by far the worst eyeliner I have ever used.
    I usually use Bourjois Liner Pinceau, which is great, but could do with lasting a little longer.

    • Row says

      I’ll tell you what, if you want a really long lasting liner, dry the Japanese stuff. Kiss me and Heroine Make last all day

  2. linz says

    ive just bought this and i was really excited until i opened it and the tip is white…… and when i took the nib out there is no product inside! i dunno if i can take it back to boots though :S so disappointed xxx

  3. Ali says

    Definitely the worst eyeliner I have ever purchased! Ran within a minute and looked terrible after an hour, and it certainly isn’t waterproof! P.S I don’t wear moisturiser so can’t be that