Wednesday Giveaway: Win a Jemma Kidd lip ID colour adapt gloss!

Today you can win a Jemma Kidd lip ID colour adapt gloss. This beauty goes on clear and adapts to the PH in your lips to give you a custom made pink (so they say!).


Wanna win?

Simply leave me a comment telling me:

What’s the best customised thing you own or the most customised thing you do (if any)?

Me: I am partial to a customised chip special; that’s soggy chips, salt, vinegar, half curry, half gravy and a squirt of ketchup on the side. Grew up with junk food, me.

One entry per person, open internationally. Winners chosen in 2 weeks.

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  1. I like puttin laces on myown high wedges as i cant walk wit out ne laces on the front :)

  2. wow, that chips special sounds fantastic…
    hrm… i can’t think of anything that I customize really. I download specific software and utilities for my computer, and I change the settings so that I view everything in detail mode.
    I used to set my text editor so that it used Emacs key mappings, but I stopped because it wasn’t completely mapped so ended up being too annoying.

  3. this isn’t state of the art unique but the most customised thing I have/do is decorating my iphone and the apps, music and wallpapers. lol

  4. Well, I’m guessing that all that involves software is pretty much customized by me XD I can’t stand the default desktops that I see everywhere, mine must be different from all the others but still be useful.
    I also love to have stuff that nobody else has, like makeup, and wear unusual nail polish. Does that count?

  5. Hmm.. I tend to get simple salted chips, and add some grated cheese, chilly flakes and lemon juice to them before digging in :)

  6. Julie Brett says:

    I like to cutomise a jam sandwich with Salt and Vinger crisps.

  7. Julia Smith says:

    I think my most customised dish – for serving at special meals – is Julia’s Black Forest Cherry Crumble – a few pieces of dark chocolate mixed into cherry pie filling, and then a yummy crumble mix on top. Serve with vanilla ice cream. Heaven!

  8. my most customised thing i have is; my zebra pallette!


  9. This may sound gross, but whenever my mum brings back food from our take away (typical chinese parents -_-), I like to have egg rice and crispy seaweed mixed together….and half sweet and sour and half curry sauce. don’t judge hahaha :)

  10. hmm, best customized thing that I have is a hair moisturizing spray that I made from aloe vera juice, coconut oil, olive oil, water, rosemary oil, and peppermint oil :) Quite refreshing!

  11. Hula hoops filled with primula and dipped in sweet chilli sauce! Mmmm

  12. tousledkitten says:

    I customise my chips too. LOTS of vinegar with brown sauce on one side and ketchup on the other.

  13. Laura Astbury says:

    Customised Mcdonalds Big Mac =P Seperate the burger – eat the bottom bun then eat the top burger then I’m left with the cheesy burger mmmm =D

  14. Rebecca Ho says:

    im too lazy to customise my own things. Well either that or i’m scared it won’t turn out well as im a bit of a perfectionist.
    But i’d really like to buy some crystals and bits to customise my phone!
    I probably wouldnt in the end as that takes time effort and creativity, none of which i really have. XD

  15. lucy hopper says:

    ooh, well i like to have egg fried rice with fried mushrooms and onion gravey with mushy peas

    does that count?

  16. The most personalized item I own is a book my best friend gave me for my 18th birthday.
    It’s 30 pages filed with pictures, private jokes, notes and memories. She got it made online and I can say it’s one of the best gift I ever got, and it’s just for me!

  17. MARY MULLARKEY says:

    Wow, girl after my own heart, Right, mine is the chips, with the curry sauce,
    and a good old dollop of mayonaise, topped with salt, vinegar, pepper and grated chees, any old cheese will do, classy me, so not fussy.

  18. I customize all of my stationery and go-to makeup brushes. I first started doing it because my mother would label all my things for school because I was a terribly absent-minded 7-year old if I can’t find my pencil at least my pencil has my name and I quote my mother, “it can find me”.

    Then she started making nicer decorative labels and I began to deco all my stationery extensively with alphabet noodles, magazine cut-outs, ribbons, fluffy feathers, decorative stickers, rhinestones, pearls.

    I extended it to my makeup brushes when I wore make-up ‘full-time’ so now I own many pretty brushes. The down side to deco-ed brushes is the storage issue because they can’t fit into most sleeves and holders if they have extravagant deco.

  19. Danielle Graves says:

    My most customised thing is a pair of pumps I got from KingsOfNeon. They are fully designed by me and I love them.

    Very tempted to get a pair of converse or vans from them though x

  20. I buy costume jewellery from charity shops, car boot sales and use them to make up totally unique pieces to go with my outfits, also great for keeping the kids amused.

  21. The best customised thing I own is the hat I wore to my daughters wedding which started out as (dare I say) a M&S model. Customised, it became the epitone of fashion which matched my dress perfectly, and got lots of compliments. Furthermore there was no chance I would have to say snap to anyone either.

  22. I have my own customized head phones because my ears are small :)

  23. I love customising my own mid-year diaries because I’ve never found one that I like the look of in the shops! This year’s is an ivory faux-leather (actually a free wallpaper sample!) bound one, with lovely Japanese-art-inspired purple inserts (more wallpaper samples!) so it actually cost me nothing to customise! I think I was trying to channel the Smythson vibe!

    I’m thinking Japanese deco-den style for next year? LOL

  24. Back in highschool, we’d all get free agendas in the beginning of the year. I usually hated the design so I customized mine with a billion stickers I had collected of the years. Every girl was jealous of my talent of sticker-using…
    There were copy-cats but I was the original!

  25. liloo/tsunimee says:

    woop. ok my customised thing is from caffe nero. are you ready for it?
    it’s a:
    – SMALL skinny decaf latte to take away from cafe nero
    – put in a LARGE cup for ease of transportation
    – just one shot of decaf espresso
    – skimmed milk
    – and two canderel sweeteners plonked at the bottom of the cup BEFORE coffee comes in cos otherwise sugar stays stuck in the foam and i can stir it
    – 2 sleeves cos otherwise i burn myself
    – stirred not shaken (lol)


  26. nikki reynolds says:

    I make my self jewellery sets to match every outfit out of different colout buttons and I also made 3 straps for one of my hand bags purely out of buttons so that it would look cute with differnt out fits and i could change the length easily!

    I am a bit of a button addict

  27. I have to say my charm bracelet, which has lots of charms I;ve recieved over the years. It’s so adorable and suits everything!

  28. Well, I’m not one for customizing. I tend to follow recipes exactly or other instructions to the letter (in case I do something on my own and muck it up) but when I went to India for a holiday, I did get a few salwar dresses stitched exactly for me. They make me look so long (I’m 4′ 11″) and elegant. Does that sound customized enough? :) Hope so. :D

  29. I like the idea of the empty eyeshadow quads/ palettes, they are the best customized thing :)

  30. The best customised thing I own is my wedding dress. I love Indian fashions and had a dress designed and made by an Indian lady in London and it’s a real ‘East meets West’ creation. It’s a two piece in bronze/ gold and is covered in intricate beading and threads. I have a veil to go with it of gold chiffon again embroidered with gold thread. It’s absolutely beautiful and I just wish I could still fit into it after two children!!

  31. The best customised thing I own is my car! Although my brother and boyfriend did help a lot with it :P but the colour, wheels, interior and exterior were all picked by me. I ? it.

  32. I love a bread roll filled with cheese and walkers smokey bacon crisps crunched up :)

  33. I got a German recipe for chocolate cake and I customize it by adding some nutella in it and in the glace too! YUMMY!!! :D

  34. Allison Pratt says:

    best costumised item is a pair of jeans, ripped and patterened – now unique!

  35. Calista 101 says:

    Well, I am a sucker for mayonnaise toast. And before you scrunch up your nose, let me say that squirting a ton of mayo on wheat bread before shoving it in the oven for 6 minutes is delicious. Bonus if you can scrounge up some cheese and ham and make a toastie!

  36. I love my Nike ID’s – perfect fit and my favourite colours ?

  37. Customised phone. hehe crystals anyone?

  38. Hi Row! What a wonderful giveaway. I have several plain tank tops that I thought needed a little bit of pepping up so I bought some little fabric flowers from the Japanese dollar store and sewed them on myself. Custom tank tops on the cheap! :)

  39. Its my wedding ring , its most beautiful diamond ring ever,its not the most espensive , but it has my name initials on the inner side which makes it special, ofcourse it was a gift frm hubby. He bought it from Macy’s .
    Other is a wallet I got from Jaffer jees ! A leather hand bag shop. My mom got me this purple wallet from there and they offer to write your name or whatever you want on it. So she got my name on its so personalized IMO.

  40. My most customised thing is my moisturizer body cream with aloe vera and olive’s oil!

  41. my abstract finger nail designs

  42. my phone i guess, but sticking crystals aren’t that creative is it.

  43. I customize the setting on my LCD TV.

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