Models Own Make Up Brand: Lip Gloss, Eyeshadows and Nail Polish

I cooed when I first saw the brand Models Own – the sheer scale of pigment eyeshadows had my excited, the fact that the items were affordable had me excited. The shadows remind me of Barry M – is Models Own a successor?

When it comes to the loose powder eyeshadow there are a whopping 60 shades. I tried three in matte neon colours in pink, yellow and purple (if they aren’t actually matte, they certainly seemed matte!). I got two lip glosses in Fuschia Full and Black Goth, two polishes in Lime Light and Blue Med. All products are £5 each and you get £5 off if you buy three items (so its 3 items for £10 basically) or buy 5 items and save £7. Perfect for the teens!

So lets get to it!

models own.jpg

The nail polishes I have tried I found a little runny and sheer. I like my brights and neons to be BOLD. This was after three coats:

models own polish.jpg

Still running a little sheer, right? Don’t get me wrong – it is a nice effect but not quite a neon as I would like. There are a lot of colours so its possible the ones without a pearl running through it will be a little more opaque.

models own-1.jpg

Now, I was super excited about the loose powder eyeshadows as there are so many to choose from – reminded me of Barry M! However – the three that I tried are not quite ‘there’ yet. The more I look at the shadows, the more I think there is a hint of a shimmer there but overall the feel is matte. In addition to this, the colours are not true enough once on the skin the texture doesn’t run entirely smooth. When mixed with water, the got quite crumbly on my eyes.

models own-2.jpg

See how it doesn’t sit smoothly. I tried varying the amount of water added (a spritz to a glug) but I struggled to get it to sit nicely. No water, and the colours were wishy-washy (who wants wishy-washy neon pink?). Use with water and it crumbles. (The orange tone by the way, is the yellow which mixed in with the pink.)

However, I would still like to give some of the other (non-matte) textures a go – their glitter and metallic range looks promising.

DSC01782 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

The lipglosses are nice, quite shiny and rich in pigment. This is the bright pink:

DSC01786 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

This is the black (one coat) which turns into a plum.

DSC01787 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

To get it black we are talking about 5 layers which is completely, totally (as you can see) IMPRACTICAL. If you want a true black you won’t get it with this gloss but it could be nice as an enhancer to other lip colours and if you want a plummy gloss.

DSC01792 on Flickr - Photo Sharing!.jpg

You can browse the Models Own website here. I think their site is good and their swatches but I would have to try out more of their shadows and polishes perhaps in different colours and textures to see how the quality varies before recommend it wholeheartedly.

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    I know this was some whilae ago, but thanks for the reveiw. Was searching for info after picking up on the sale. Think i’ll give it a miss given how much I might spend over the weekend! Thanks