Review: Kryolan Aqua Pearl Shades

Whilst I was in London I visited Charles Fox in Covent Garden, which is a nice little shop to visit and as a added bonus they always ask if I’m a student,

“Awww shucks. I still look like a student.” Hmmm…maybe.

I love cream eyeshadows, and Kryolan’s Aqua Pearl Shades is a creamy, rich shadow that comes in 13 shades in a 5ml bottle.

I choose White Gold and Purple. The purple is a very true, rich purple with a warm tone to it and the white gold really looks beautiful in the light. They cost about £5.50 each.


But alas – this was not to be a HG product. Whilst the colour is pigmented and the two I choose look good, I also found that they dry quite badly if you don’t blend fast. The first few times I used the white as a base it was congealing-city, with horrible messy edges and I had to take it off, take it all off.

I also found that it takes a while to dry and when it does, it creases. Especially if you are building up the colour so that you get a strong look – crease, crease, crease.


I’ve always wondered why Kryolan is so hard to love (for me anyway). Every shade under the sun, stage quality make up that should have longevity to die for, but I don’t feel it, I don’t like this product at all and I don’t see the transition into high street/day to day womens make up happening with such crapola (by the way, they make the shadows for Illamasqua…perhaps that is their dabble into mainstream make up?).

Verdict: 2/5 – You are pigmented, but if I can’t even use you as a base, what good are you, oh cream eyeshadow?

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  1. Colors are brilliant though. Very brilliant.

    • Hi Abby

      Yeah it is very pigmented – the strongest it looks is after about 3 coats which by then, its started to get all lumpy on the skin so I’d rather find something else thats pigmented but doesn’t have an off texture.

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