Review: Ecotan Spray on Fake Tan

eco tan.jpg

Even though I am terrified of fake tan, I plonked down £20 for this large spray of Ecotan. I felt that its clear liquid would be easy peasy to use.

They say: This clear self-tan has an innovative spray pump, (what? It’s just a spray – Ed.) which gives a fine even coverage all over your body leaving you with a beautiful, natural and even tan. Can be re-applied until you achieve the correct depth of colour. Features Antioxidant Vitamin E. Vitamin A, which assists in skin cell renewal. Non streaking formula. Fast Drying. Clear Liquid means no residue or dye build up.

Basically its crap. I am not skilled with tan application but I can just about follow instructions but this unsuspecting clear liquid gathered around my feet and ankles, leaving me with gravy dipped legs. Horrid. Stinky. Sticky.

Even after three scrubby showers this stuff is STILL on my legs. I look tanned from the front, and white from the back. I would cry but it would only exacerbate my conjunctivitis.

The thing is, cos its clear you can’t really see – AT ALL where it is going. You spray spray spray, rub rub rub, but if you can’t see it you really don’t know till its too damn late.

And it’s a bit sticky. No nasty tan smell but it did make the other half sneeze a lot and he forced me to turn the fan off (its really hot at the moment) so that the fumes wouldn’t be blowing in his face. As revenge I sprayed some on his chest when he was asleep. He has a little patch of fake tan on his chest…you should try it sometime, its funny.

It’s a fail for me but I have tons of the crap left! Perhaps my cats would like to be tanned?

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