Hauled it! Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette for Eyes & Lips

You know its Christmas time when:

1. The Coco-Cola advert comes on TV

2. Your manic depressive friend becomes extra manic depressive

3. Boots launches its Christmas Gift Guide

4. People start telling you to stop mentioning Christmas when it was infact them who mentioned it in the first place. This person could be the one mentioned at no. 2

5. When the gorgeous, shimmery, limited edition palettes go on sale.

I’ve gone palette mad this year. I love having everything in one place so have indulged in quite a few beauties. One of them is the gorgeous Chrome palette from Bobbi Brown I bought for £59:

eyes & Lips chrome palette bobbi brown.jpg

I was on a no buy *cough…broken quite a few times recently – damn new collections* but when I saw this palette, I knew I had to have it:

bobbi brown chrome.jpg

The outside of the case is that slightly annoying, fingerprint inducing metal. Its ok, thats what leggings are for – wiping shiny cases surfaces.

bobbi brown chrome palette.jpg

There are 10 eyeshadows included and four lip colours, then 2 brushes. All in a very nice case. Worth it for £59? I think so. No, the pans are not huge, but they really are more than enough for one person, for a long time.

I was looking at the Armani Art Deco palette at the same time which costs £65 for 4 shadows and one highlighter – not as good value (but I did still go back and buy it later on – grrr! Review coming up!).

Colours Included:

For Lips:

Pink Mist Shimmer Lip Gloss

Winter Bronze Glitter Lip Gloss

Berry Glitter Lip Gloss

Chrome Pink Shimmer Lip Gloss

bobbi brown chrome-1.jpg

The glosses are soft wearable shades – remember they are glosses so a little sheer. Very pretty though:

bobbi brown chrome palette-1.jpg

My favourite section is the eyes. The colours are a mixture of greys, steels, white and black – the colours are cool. If you don’t like cool colours then this palette is not for you…obviously.

I love cool colours, I love smoky greys and I love sparkles so this is the palette for me!:

bobbi brown chrome palette-2.jpg

For Eyes:

White Eye Shadow

Polar Ice Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Storm Cloud Sparkle Eye Shadow

Iron Eye Shadow

Thunder Metallic Eye Shadow

Moonlight Sparkle Eye Shadow

Cyber Grey Shimmer Wash Eye Shadow

Foil Metallic Eye Shadow

Chrome Metallic Eye Shadow

Charcoal Haze Eye Shadow


bobbi brown chrome palette .jpg

These don’t look madly pigmented on my arm but I assure thee, they are gorgeous on the eyes. Don’t have to work very hard to get a nice build up of colour on the eyes:

bobbi brown chrome-2.jpg

The whole palette is based around chrome – they may not be different enough for some people. I like the fact that there are sparkles, mattes, metallics and shimmers all in the same palette.


I love it! I think £59 is good value for a palette with 10 shadows, brushes and lip gloss, and a nice case. I adore these kinds of colours – alternatively, theres the pretty and more neutral Velvet Plum palette and the Earth Metals palette which I think is warmer (review coming up!)

On the eye (day look):

bobbi brown chrome palette-4.jpg

This palette is sold out in loads of places but it may come back in stock….just keep checking! (here it is on the UK site).

What do you think? Is the chrome palette for you?

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  1. says

    I was lemming this palette quite badly before any swatches were available, but now seeing the swatches I have to be honest… wishing BB would’ve made the shadows a bit more pigmented (as it is quite pricey & a LE set). Irregardless of that though, the color of the blue-grey shadow on your eyes looks absolutely beautiful & chic… this palette must have so many different smokey look combos to play around with! Congrats on your new purchase ^_^