Kalis Skincare Bounce Back Stretchmark Toning Body Cream Review

Yes, a Stretchmark cream review!

No I don’t have any big announcements to make although all around me babies are appearing left, right and centre; rather, I’ve noticed a lot of mum-to-be products (although this isn’t specifically a MTB cream) work brilliantly regardless of whether you have a bun in the oven or not.

Kalis is a range manufactured in Italy and the brains behind the brand is Dr Fabio Brunetta.  You can read about the brand history here.

Kallis Bounce Back Stretchmark Cream 1

Bounce Back Stretchmark Cream comes in a big 200ml tub and contains horsetail plant, seaweed extract, olus oil and more.  It isn’t a cream to fade or remove stretch marks!

It is a cream to help those who are prone to them (like me) from getting more.  So it is ideal in that way, for expectant mothers, or people who are perhaps dieting and expecting weight fluctuations.

Or just people who want a really nice hydrating body cream.  There is the toning element too which is good for people who want smoother skin.


Kallis Skincare Stretchmark Cream

I’ve been on body cream overload recently, although I am more sensitive then I thought! I thought that when it comes to my face it’s all expensive creams and my body, any cheap thing will do! Not the case! I need to be careful to keep away from things that are overly fragranced.

Ok so the cream itself is very nice – I can’t really smell any type of scent in it (good) and it looks quite thick but actually has a thin-ness to it once it’s spread on the skin.

It takes a few minutes to properly sink in to the skin and also a bit of time to rub it in – it’s very hydrating though so it’s sort of worth the time it takes to work it into the skin methinks.

Bounce Back Stretchmark Cream

See how it has that sort of runny edge to it?

I have used this mainly on my legs, tummy and bum and it works quite well although I can’t really be bothered to use it every time I have have a shower because some days I just need to dress and go!

If you are looking for a stretch mark prevention cream and can’t use the usual Palmer’s Cocoa Butter (I find the scent too strong) I’d definitely check this one out. It’s quite pricey at £26.50 (10% off at the moment) but it will last ages.

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