Lavshuca & Kate Spring 2009

There was a time when I loved Lavshuca like I loved…Krispy Kreme.

I haven’t been impressed with Lavshuca for a LONG time and it used to be my true love:

What do you think of Lavshuca Spring 2009:

Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????.jpg
Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-1.jpg
Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-2.jpg
Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-3.jpg

Blah blah blah. Always the same thing, variations of the same kind of colours. I want STRONG! I want CONTRASTS! Even the green palette doesn’t grab me.

Lipstick sure is purdy and looks pigmented too:

Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-4.jpg
Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-5.jpg

PK2 and PK3 look like my bag, but I have lipsticks coming out of my ears at the moment so I really can’t justify buying more UNLESS the shade/texture was new and quite interesting.

Lavshuca | 2009 Spring Collection????????-6.jpg

There seems to be a new base, curl mascara and length mascara. Looks promising I think the brush looks great but once again, everywhere I look I am finding Mascara’s (in my shoes, in my oven) so NO MORE!

Now Kate on the other hand….

Kanebo KATE.jpg

Pretty, pretty. GN-1 look AMAZING. Now, Glam trick eyes, is possibly my favourite Japanese quad ever…that’s this one:

Kanebo KATE-1.jpg

Deep Trap Eyes (such silly names) has a new shade:

Kanebo KATE-2.jpg

This is utterly beautiful too, dontcha think?

Ok so green is my favourite but it is beautiful!

Gradical Eyes:

Kanebo KATE-3.jpg

When I saw BG-1 I nearly collapsed to the floor and started foaming at the mouth. It is 100% my kinda shade – totally! 100% Love Love Love.

Will you be purchasing anything from these ranges?

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  1. Kiu says

    I agree about Lavshuca (though I was never really into it). Its so blah! And the Kate stuff looks interesting, but I have my eyes all set on MAQuillAGE’s new eyeshadows XD

    • Row says

      Hey Kiu!

      Me too! The Maquillage – customizable looks so amazing I love compacts with everything in!

    • Row says

      Hey Sue!

      Jill Stuart is gorge as is Lunasol, but both so pricey. What lippies are you buying? Thanks for the link!!

  2. sue says

    Yeah, I agree they’re so pricey. I wanted to try some high end products as my friend is visiting taiwan in march and JS is cheaper there. Not sure about Lunasol though but I really want to try their eye palette.

    I bought 127 Ultra-Gloss Reflect and 214 High Shine Nude Silhouette. Shoppers (our local drugmart which carry a lot of high end brands) is having a lip event – free $10 voucher when you spend $30 or more on any lip products. 1 dior lippie is CAD$31 ouch! I bought 2 so I got a $20 voucher that could be used for any cosmetics/skincare item. Pretty good deal, eh? I wouldn’t have bought it otherwise.