Hair today, Gone in a second: Simply Wax by Otylia Roberts Hair Removal Strips Review

So I get a bit of hair on my legs (I think it’s some kind of genetic disorder) because I don’t get hairy legs. Just odd hairs.

Nevertheless these small sections of hair need to be removed because other people say so (I don’t have a bit problem with body hair if no one is going to be looking at the area!!!) – so I got these Simply Wax strips to try (By Otylia Roberts, waxer to the stars).

Waxing strips…to be honest these are my staple – the other stuff is bit messy for lazy me, but if I was more of a gorilla I’d probably take the time to use a pot of wax. Here is the stuff:

Simply Wax Otylia Roberts Hair Removal Strips

Ok this stuff is white coloured and it smells….amazing. Not kidding. Like a big bouquet of flowers. I was actually sat there for a good half an hour rubbing it and smelling it (please only quote that line in context).

But is it any good?….Actually yes it is. I get red bumpy skin very easily and sometimes it is very very sort looking for a good hour afterwards. It looks like a very bad heat rash – I don’t always get this but I think it’s just because I am sensitive.

With this wax strip I didn’t get that blotchy red stuff going on at all. My skin actually felt quite nice afterwards.

Simply Wax by Otylia Roberts Hair Removal Strips

On the downside I found I had to work it in a bit more where my hair was shorter – it seemed to grip less on those. In terms of comparing it to other wax strips I’ve tried (Veet, Boots, Superdrug, Nads) it is as good as and I’d certainly buy it next time because I love the smell and how it leaves me skin in good condition.

You get 20 strips in a box for £8.17. Buy it here.

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  1. says

    8.17?!?!??! I’ve been getting these from superdrug for 2.99!! But they haven’t been stocked for a while… The smell is amazing and they do a great job of removing hair :-) Becky xxxx

    • Row says

      Hi Becky

      So are they selling them cheap in Superdrug! That’s a tip there everyone!

  2. Jen says

    Ahhhh cool, I won these in your giveaway (thanks Row! :) ) so I’m looking forward to trying them out now…I’ll try not to sit there for half an hour sniffing away lol Just waiting for my legs to grow some hair now!