Baby Talk: How to choose a buggy/pushchair?!

Good Day to you all! How are you doing?

This week I am 34 weeks pregnant.  Although my bump is still very neat and contained (hehe) I am definitely feeling the weight of carrying a baby candy!  So I get the same tiredness and aching but none of the benefits like people offering me the seat on the bus…

Anyway I have just 2 more weeks left of work so I am hoping they will pass fairly quickly as it’s pretty uncomfortable and hard to concentrate at my desk. I am still low on energy – can’t wait to go on Maternity and do lots of blogging!

We haven’t bought any baby items yet (now here’s hoping baba won’t make an early appearance!).  Me and Mr C are both very busy at work and also with sorting the house out so we will be cutting it fine!  I am in the process of researching buggies/pushchairs at the moment!  Anyone have any suggestions?!

Gerbils and a buggy

Everyone I ask who has had kids has an opinion on pushchairs!  We’re looking for something easy to fold and light if possible, although realistically, I won’t be wheeling the baby around by myself too much.  In fact most of the time we will use a carrier as we like to travel light!

So, we are completely open minded to suggestions.  We also need a car seat and then we will most likely buy a matching travel cot to go with the pram so the newborn candy can be really comfortable. 

So far I like the look of:

– Bugaboo Chameleon – Version 3 (out in September)

– Quinny Buzz

– Silver Cross Surf

– iCandy Peach

But I am sure that is just a few of the options. Anyone got any buggy or pushchair advice? What did you go for?

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  1. says

    Ok, well i got a bit addicted to pushchairs with my first, and we had seven different ones! Finally I settled on the most basic, cheap one I could find and that saw us through the second child as well.

    Of the above list, I’ve only tried the Quinny, feels like pushing a limo around. Amazing, but its massive and its very heavy (although you wouldn’t know it pushign it around, its so light and smooth).

    Our first one was a Silver cross thing that 3D I think it was called, and it was very disappointing, the breaks weren’t terribly secure for a start…

    If money was no object though, I’d have without a doubt gone for a Bugaboo!

  2. Lucky says

    Well shut my mouth and paint me red! On a whim, I decided to google my old blog to see if there might still be anymore cached pages that required removal, only to come across Cosmetic Candy once again. I’d been stopping by the blog periodically, but not often, it would appear!

    I had absolutely no idea you were even married, let alone enceinte and in the market for a pram (we call ’em strollers here in the States, btw)! I’m only now catching up on all the wedding/pregnancy posts, so if I comment on a post from several months ago, you’ll know why. 😉

    PS: Congratulations on both counts!

  3. Lucky says

    PPS: Did you know blogger reassigns unused domain names? I found that out the hard way when I clicked on the link to my old site (still up at Blogdorf Goodman, more than three years later, strangely enough) and found that the site’s been taking over by some “celebrity news” blogger who likes to flog fly fishing, psychic readings and ‘high quality live sex cams’ (no, I’m NOT kidding), amongst other things. Don’t know why I bothered to google it in the first place, at this point.

  4. Alexandra says

    Im not sure i can be much help as my son will be 18 years old next month. I used a pram that had a carrycot, which is great for if you are out and about and get home and baby is still sleeping you can take the carrycot off and leave baby sleeping. It then has a pushchair seat you put on to the frame. I used to like the look of those two in one pushchairs. I would recommend a stroller for when they are older, its lightweight and can be folded up and put away easily

  5. Wordbird says

    Hi there; congratulations on impending motherhood. It’s pretty good fun.
    When I had my daughter almost 8 years ago we bought a big pushchair – one that could have the car carrier clipped onto it. In the end, we found it was such a pain in the bum to get an and out of the car, I found I used to carry my baby around in the car carrier seat (you know – the thing that looks like a basket). It was just a lot easier. And once she was sitting up and active, we got a stroller to take on holiday and ended up using that constantly. To be honest, I think you can leave a pushchair purchase for a bit and see what you actually need in real life once you’ve got your little sweetie home and you’re doing things together. If you’ve got a car seat and a sling/carrier, you’re safe for a while. And it’s a heck of an expense, so you want to get one that works for you. I found my needs weren’t what I expected. I was in the car with my tiddler a lot more than I walked with her.

    Oh – and in the supermarket, you can get a trolley and put the baby in the car seat in it. (Actually into the trolley as if you were buying it!) It’s nice and stable and safe, and easier than trying to find a bloomin trolley that you can fit the seat onto. Be prepared for cooing people to follow you around wanting to see your beautiful newborn. The universal response is ‘AWWWWWWW!!!!!!’ Don’t be freaked out by it. :-)

    Bon voyage. It’s a fun trip, honest. x

  6. Judy says

    I have a four year old and a 5 month old. And I live my bugaboo!! I have seen the Quinny bit never tried it…but I do believe the bugaboo is lighter in terms of the chassis. I haven’t heard of the others but that may be because I’m in Canada. The bugaboo has lasted me withy irate child to my next. We got a graco car seat and it works so nicely with the car seat adapter. It’s a great stroller!

    Btw…I love ur blog!!

  7. says

    Hi Hun,

    Not long left now xx I would recommend something small – as soon as my Son was old enough he was in a stoller – the best thing I did was not to spend a fortune on a pushchair, I got a Mothercare fairly basic one with a carry cot thing that came off.

    Good Luck xxxx

  8. Marianne says

    We had a Bugaboo and apart from the storage underneath being extremely small – something that became very apparent when baby number 2 came along and number 1 wanted to bring lots of toys to the playground (we are used to HUGE prams here though) it was great! If you need to carry up and down stairs any, for a small baby, comfortable pram is a nightmare. Definitely recommend an ergonomic baby carrier for the first months (up to a year, but of course depending on if you need to get in/out of clothing), it gives such a great freedom and the baby loves it and stays much more content… Now we use a Maclaren which is so convenient to fold together and only 5 kgs (our youngest is now 16 months). Enjoy your maternity leave!

  9. Anne says

    We have a stokke as the mr & I are both tall, but it is waaaay too bulky for your needs. Due to the bulk am looking for a wee stroller and have decided that Baby Joggers look amazing – the City Mini sounds perfect for you – the one with 3 wheels. The 4 wheeler looks like a cheaper but better version of smaller bugaboos once you’ve finished with the carry cot.

    Maxi Cosi Cabriofix’s & Pebbles can be attached with adapters, so if you are not using the buggy a lot not buying a carry cot is a nice option as they are not in them for long. They say 9 months, but the minute they can sit up they do & like to look around, so carrycots are not around for long. If we didn’t buy a Stokke 1st car seat to fit on our pram reserach does seem to show that the Cabriofix & Pebble are the best 1st car seat buys.

    The Bugaboo Chameleon will possibly prove a little bulky for your needs, as will the Quinny Buzz. The Bugabo Bee is much lighter & better for nipping around a city – I would say that the price of the Chameleon is not worth the lack of use either. Have pushed a friends toddler in a Quinny Buzz and hated it. Could not steer the thing up a hill with uneven paving slabs. Also incredibly large and bulky- not what your specifications are. Not sure that the back wheels would have fitted through our front door and would not care to be in a buzy place with one, and if going off-road there are far better options.

    Cannot comment on the Peach as fell in love with my Stokke before getting to that one on my list. Did, however oush some Silvercross prams & they all seemed heavier than other buggies & had trouble steering or difficulty with brakes. They siply do not seem to be the most practical buggies out there.

    Mountain Buggies seemed VVVVVVV good, BUT have been bought by Phil & Teds & the quality is just not there for me – I do hope they don’t ruin them as have a second hand Moutani Buggy at my Ma’s & it is amazing. The like f Mountai nBuggies is what led me to Baby Jogger. Out and About seem V good, but just pipped to the post by the Joggers. as a sie not easily lockable single front wheel are great – leave them loose when doing lots of turning, but if you if you’re staying in a straight line for a long time on uneven terrain, lock and all is well again.

    Hope this essay helps and congratulations :-)