Anti Aging Foundation: Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Make Up Review

In my never ending search for the perfect foundation, I bought this Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Radiant Firming Make Up to review. I don’t generally speaking trust drugstore make up with their colouring; too pink or beige I usually find but I took the plunge!

What does this foundation do?

* Smoothes and evens skin tone
* Goji Berry and Caffeine visibly firms and improves skin’s condition
* Contains SPF 18 Sunscreen to help protect skin from sun damage

I bought this on eBay and choose 300 Medium Beige just because I always seem to be Medium something in my base choices.


First off, I hate the bottle. It’s not a pump bottle or a squeeze applicator, it’s just a glass bottle, a long one with a large round hole which means you have to pour the foundation out. Like THAT won’t make a mess first thing in the morning! What’s wrong with a pump!?

The foundation itself has this classic foundation smell – it just smells like how base should, and I like it!
How does it feel on my skin?

Well actually quite nice. It does, actually, make my skin look a little more refreshed than usual, it does leave my skin feeling quite hydrated.

The shade is a little too warm for my liking but it will do.

Before, no make up:


One light layer of Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Foundation:


It leaves the skin with a sort of dewy glow which is quite nice – I guess this adds to the youthful and plump look!


– Leaves skin looking healthy
– Hydrating
– Smells quite nice
– Has SPF 18
– Covers blemishes and redness
– Easy to blend


– Can be greasy if you have oily skin already
– Not particularly long lasting – needs powdering


Overall this is a nice little foundation. The shade is 100% right for me but I feel quite confident grabbing this base in the morning and applying it. HATE the packaging, it’s just pointless and impractical but I’d recommend this for anyone who feels like their skin needs some perking up.

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  1. says

    wow! i think your skin looks flawless! i’ve been thinking about purchasing a foundation for “special” days and i’ve been looking around drugstores for a nice foundation that wont hurt my wallet! I just can’t justify buying an expensive one when i know i won’t be using it much :/