Black Powder Eyeliner! Melliesh Eyeshadow Liner Set Review

One of my lovely readers helped me out with a CP and I picked out this lovely Melliesh Eyeshadow Liner Set.

This is supposed to be Limited Edition! I’ve been trying to find a fantastic matte black eyeshadow for a while (have so far found some amazing ones from Trish McEvoy, Skinfood and MAC) so I decided to add this to my collection:


The packaging is pretty cute! It comes with a little brush which I am sure I will lose in about 10 minutes. I like the pink case, it’s cheap plastic but cute.


When it comes to matte black I want something really punchy and creamy. I want something that doesn’t hurt when it gets into my eyes too (some powders can do that).

The eyeshadow liner certainly looks pigmented: #alttext#

Now – here’s the thing – this may be called an eyeshadow liner but it’s best to use as a liner. As an eyeshadow it doesn’t swatch well, it’s texture is similar to a cake liner which doesn’t really show it’s true colours until it is mixed with some water, or patted on with a densely packed brush.

On the left is a swatch with my finger. Next to it is a swatch with water, then a line with the brush alone:


The brush is quite good, it’s stubby and dense, a little hard, but good for patting on colour. I will lose it though, I know what!

I used the brush and powder to create this liner here, on the top line and to create the flick. The result is nice I think, it’s softer than a pencil or a gel liner. It just takes a little bit longer to do.



The result is good, but it’s no better than Carbon from MAC or Black from Trish McEvoy so I’d skip the Melliesh unless you have some urge to own an eyeshadow in a pink pot.

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  1. Sita says

    I’ve found the E.L.F. mineral loose shadow in Seductive (dark, intense black) the best so far. And at just £3,5, it’s definitely a bargain. I always use it to make a liner, or to put over a cream liner, and the pigmentation is fantastic.

    Just a heads up =)