Holiday Speed Reviews! Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer & Fresh Sun Powder Reviews!

The thing about a brand as big as Etude House (Korean) is that they sort of think of sub brands that cater for everything. One of the newest ranges that caught my eye was Sun Prise, a range of sun protection products. 

The range has a high SPF of 50 and is more beauty related than normal sun products. 

I got 2 items, the Smooth Primer and Fresh Sun Powder from eBay:

Etude House SunPrise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Powder

How cute is the packaging?! The cartoon with the big glasses reminds me of Victoria Beckham!

Product 1 – The Smooth Cotton Primer, is a purple tinted cream which can be used as a base or a moisturiser. They say:

UV defense moisturizer maintains whipped cream texture with a powdery finish to conceal imperfections and absorb oil. Formulates with Grapefruit extract for antioxidant and revitalizing care. Can be used daily as a makeup primes for all-day sun defense.

You don’t get a huge tube but you only need to use a small amount, otherwise you’ll end up looking like a blueberry. 

Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Fresh Sun Powder Reviews

The Sun Powder:

Etude House Sun Prise Fresh Sun Powder is  nonsticky and refreshing with effective UV protection.
It is highly portable for convenient reappli-cation anytime and anywhere. Make-up stays well blend-ed avoiding unwanted shininess after perspiration or sebum secretion.

The powder is a loose one and white coloured. It is fairly translucent but it does leave the skin a tiny bit more whitish than before.  It comes in a cute handy tub and you can use the puff sponge with it. It’s handy but I still wouldn’t carry a tub of powder around with me!

Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Fresh Sun Powder Reviews

To be honest, powder is not the thing for me when it’s boiling hot.

It feels weird – for me I like dewy skin when the temperature rises. On the beach, I definitely wouldn’t bother applying this stuff. However, I can see if you lived in a hot city climate, why this product would be handy as it provides that little bit more protection to the skin.  It seems to contain sweat and sebum quite well, at least it did on me and set my light base.

Powder Ingredients:

Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Fresh Sun Powder Reviews 1

The Smooth Primer is really thick – I didn’t mind as my skin is dry but I imagine it’s a bit of a burden on oily skin. It has quite a silicone-y feel to it too.  As a primer I think it could work but is somewhat heavy so to apply foundation on top of that is a bit much. I certainly wouldn’t burden my skin with this in a humid climate.

I wouldn’t like to wear this alone, it leaves a light lilac cast on the skin and offers no coverage, just a little pore smoothing.

Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Fresh Sun Powder Reviews 2

Ingredients – one strength of these two products is that they surpress redness.

Sun Prise SPF 50 Smooth Primer Fresh Sun Powder Reviews 3


Cute products but I am not convinced by either. They definitely did protect my skin from the sun but I found them somewhat fiddly and probably not anything I would bother any time soon!  I guess if you live in a sunny climate you may want to incorporate some stellar SPF into your normal daytime routine and these products could certainly substitute your regular primer and powder. 

Do you use SPF in your every day routine?

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  1. says

    Hrm. I wear sunblock on top of my moisturizer year round :)
    Testing out an Allie one right now.
    I’m with you – I don’t like putting on powder when it’s hot and humid. Heck, I hardly like powder at all, even though I’m oily 😛