Lashes, lashes, where for art thou?

Just when I thought my lash perm experience couldn’t get worse – it did.

So there I was, innocently watching this god awful film, The Break Up, where Jennifer Anison plays Rachel from Friends and Vince Vaughn plays himself…and my eye begins to water a little. I give it a rub, just a gentle one, then dab away the moisture. And what do I see?

fed up cat.jpg

My eyelashes. Lots of them. Little skinny black things, all over my hand. I count them…ooh about 7. Seven lashes had snapped off (and not even at the root). Which means I’ll have lots of stubby bits all my lash line and what worries me more is that they will all snap off.

Eek. Hold me. I’m scared.

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  1. says

    Oh noooooooooooooo Omg this is scary indeed.
    In a way, good job, they did not snap off the root. I would totally freak out if they did, thinking they would fall out and that I would end up with none. I did some eye lash kinda of perming one day, but fortunately for me it was just a waste of money. I totally share your pain though as i did something else which damaged my lashes which were already ridiculously small, thing and just ridiculous. Twice I applied some invididual lashes with the strong glue provided with it, and I know my lashes will never recover from them. I have written a little blurb about this, will send you the link once it’s up.

    You’re the queen of reviews. Would you like to try this. from eBay and give this a try: It’s called “Lilash”, and uk based @natalyafgm (filthygorgeousmakeup on youtube) has noticed some amazing improvement from it. It costs about £90 but it looks really worth it. Here’s the link to her video: The growth she got from that was amazing!!!
    I would love to also get your opinions about the product.
    There is also this product on eBay called ‘talika lipocils’ miles cheaper (£4.99). I have not read reviews about this one though, but it looks interesting.

    Lots of hugs to a poorer lash sister.
    Have you got a blogpost already on your fave fave fave false eyelashes?
    What is the best way to have a summary of all the posts you’ve ever posted?

  2. Elizabeth says

    Go back to where you got the lash perm and tell them this woeful tale! I hope no more break off but you really should mention this to them. If I don’t have at least 5 coats of mascara on when I go out I don’t feel right at all so I understand the imminent dread of losing more. Poor you, especially for sitting through the break up as well.

  3. Alexandria says

    I agree with Elizabeth! Everyone wants what they don’t have. I have REALLY curly lashes that are a pain in the tail when it comes to use eyeliner (it ends up all over my lashes and I have to work extra hard to get it on straight, despite closing my eye). Treasure your beautiful, straight lashes!

    P.s. I hear castor oil is really good at conditioning lashes.