Gift Idea: Velvet Noir Jewellery is rather lovely

The problem with gift hunting is that sometimes one can end up with things for ones-self. This has been happening a little bit too often, and I ended up with some nice bits from Velvet Noir!

I love turquoise. Its my favourite stone by far and this necklace (Tauri! It has a name!) also has Black Onyx, White Jade, Carnellian. (£26.99)

velvet noir jewellery.jpg

My taste when it comes to jewellery is really really simple stuff although I do admire girls who can carry off the big earrings and chunky accessories. I just end up playing with them the whole day until they fall off.

I love how random the stones are and I think it suits my skintone (there are different colours and combinations):

necklace velvet noir turquoise.jpg

The site is addictive I tell ya. Its pretty affordable but I haven’t seen the charms or stones anywhere else.

About the brand:

Designer Jeweller Luke Anthony has been crafting fine luxurious jewellery in Hatton Garden, London for the past seven years. Frustrated at the absence of quality found in today’s accessory jewellery, he conceived Velvet Noir – a collection of affordable, unique and modern jewellery per diem. Fusing meticulous design with dedicated craftsmanship, Luke Anthony has created a fresh and original range of handcrafted accessory jewellery.

necklace turquoise velvet noir.jpg

I like how with some of the other jewellery you can pick the length of the chain you want and you can pick the finish (gold, bronze, silver etc.) Love it!

I also got the matching bracelet to the necklace. I LOVE this clasp –

turquoise bracelet.jpg

Stupid fat wrist, I have big hands!

turquoise bracelet-1.jpg

I got another necklace from them I’ll show you in a day or two, but its one for the Cat Mommas!

You can browse the range here.

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