Review: Moa The Green Balm

I pack light. I travel light. Despite this, just because on my trip to London this week, I dared take an extra pair of shoes (boots, teal, pointy) to go with my flats, the other half moaned, and nagged and called my luggage “excessive” and “unecessary” even though I literally wore the same pair of leggings for four days (hey, comfort is everything) and took mini everything else. Men.

I saw it first!

Now, I am one for new products, new discoveries, and if this new thing comes in mini and is natural and good, then all the better, my pretty.

I spotted Móa, the green balm a month ago when randomly browsing the net. I loved the logo, I loved the green, cute cleanliness of it. Turns out Móa is a special green balm from Bjorkland!. Why Iceland?

Iceland’s bitterly cold climate creates slow-growing “super-herbs” which must adapt, in order to survive and in doing so, they develop exceptionally potent essential oils. In addition, the pure unpolluted air, thermal waters and mineral-rich volcanic soils boost these plants further still.

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They say:

Móa balm is lovingly made by hand in small batches of just 8 kilos by Thury and her family within the heart of Iceland, using hand picked, wild herbs and all natural ingredients ensuring the foremost quality in each and every pot.

Suitable for treating areas of dry, fragile and sensitive skin. Soothes bumps and grazes. A fantastic facial cleanser or aftershave balm – leaves the skin nourished, toned and balanced.


Sounds good right? Well I have intensive treatment balm-Elizabeth-Arden-8hourcream type things coming out of my ears. And I am not easily impressed by balms/creams that are essentially just a bit of coconut oil with some essential oil in it. So I’m quite picky.


First of all the ingredients list is good and rather, what they don’t put in it is even better:

• 100% natural product
• 100% organic herbs
• Concentrated active ingredients
• No chemicals
• No artificial preservatives
• No perfume
• No alcohol
• No parabens
• No lanolin


Now, this is not a normal balm because it works for the usual things; dryness, mild burns, itching, eczema, elbows, psoriasis (mild cases) removing make up, cuticles, for hair, nappy rash, and it can even be gargled with a bit of honey and water for a sore throat!



This is quite a dense balm – upon contact, it melts quickly to become a light oil texture, like light sunflower oil (I can’t think of a better description). It not horribly oily, it sinks in well (it is for drier patches). All in all, its good.


The only thing that I can think of that may be an issue is the smell. It reminds me very faintly of some Chinese herbs – it does err on the side of medicinal. I quite like it and the boyfriend said it is strong but not horrible. Once again, each to their own but remember that is the natural scent, not an artifical one. It also fades after a while.


I really love this balm. I do! I have tried many. I have used it on dry patches but most of all on some sore skin I have on my foot which itches like crazy when I get warm and this really does stop the itching.

I also use this on the other half’s (halves?!) face as it was flaking like crazy when we were away (literally, like face dandruff) so a layer of this stuff and it helped a lot.

I have tried it as a cleanser and it reminds me of Eve Lom’s cleansing balm, although economically, it might work out a bit pricy as an everyday cleanser.

I also have the smaller travel size pot which I carry with me everywhere now – it has replaced all my other balms.

You can buy Moa from their website, the larger pot is £12.24 and a mini for £4.89. Shipping is £2.50 for the first item or free for over £20. You can also buy a rather cute little hessian bag (I didn’t get it) which would make it into a nice gift for someone.


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  1. charlie Fowler says

    Moa are giving a free pot away if you go to their fan page on facebook and say why you need it the most…