Did I lose weight? Diet Chef Review, Thoughts & Conclusion!

I did Diet Chef for 4 weeks and now is the time for my conclusion on it!

For a refresher of how it began, look here.


The Diet Chef diet, in retrospect, is a really good way of controlling the calories. I have tried since to monitor the 1200 calories thing myself and it is so, so hard. One Boots sandwich can be 500 cals alone, one Innocent smoothie nearly 200. And what about drinks, breakfast, dinner and supper?!

What Diet Chef does so well is it paces you, it re-educates you and the way you eat. You get a decent breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus a lot of leeway for extras (about 400 cals) which I took in vegetables – you can have a lot of vegetables for 400 cals (provided it’s not something too starchy!).

Overall I lost 12lbs in 4 weeks. So it does work.

On the negative side? I found the mains difficult to eat – whilst some are tasty (like paella and pasta), many of the dishes are horribly watery and the meat tastes dry and tough. The meals can be kept for quite a while, at room tempterature, so I would be lying if I said I didn’t wonder what process the meat went through to make it edible even after months of storage! At the end of the day, it can’t be as healthy as eating fresh.

The mains infact, is one of the reasons I started to struggle at week 3, because I couldn’t stand another watery meal so I ended up eating vegetables on it’s own.


Then comes to the price.

The price was £190 per month although there are various discount codes around. It works out about £6.33 per day on a 30 day month which is ok if you spend that much anyway (like if you buy lunch everyday).

As I said in the first post about Diet Chef I think it’s expensive if you have a family to feed or indeed just one other person in your household because then you are buying food twice.

Mr C lived on beans on toast whilst I did this diet and after 2 weeks of it I couldn’t stand seeing him eating crap any more (his choice mind you, I did tell him to cook something fresh!).

You also have to ask yourself if some of the food is horrible are you happy paying these prices if you don’t want to eat some of the meals. Having said that I have spoken to other people who did this diet, and some didn’t like the lunches but liked the mains – so it really does depend on your personal taste.

Since finishing the diet have I kept the weight off? No not really, I have put on at least 4lbs (although I am currently doing the Chris James Detox which is – something special!).

Would I buy Diet Chef in the future to lose weight? Maybe. It does help you lose weight but I’m not one for meals in sachets, I need the crisp bite of a fresh vegetable and pan fried fish, a light drizzle of parsley sauce…you get the idea!

Check out Dietchef here.

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