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I love inventions. I love technology. Needless to say, I am a geek when it comes to embracing new shiny things…And don’t talk to me about JML. I love JML advertorials.

So today I want to know – You can invent something. It can be for personal reasons or for the greater good. What is it?


Me: My invention is for personal reasons but is also for the greater good.

I present to thee:

Invention One:

i) The One Click Everything Off-er

With one click of a button – a big, round orange panic button, everything in your home turns off. TV, lights, dishwasher. Its perfect for avoiding:

– Debt Collectors

– People recruiting for any religion

– Double Glazing Salesmen

– Betterware Catalogue Distributors (I have to leave the catalogue outside on a certain day, or else? But who told you to put it through my damn door?)….(actually I’m lying, I love those catalogues. Just invoice me for the damn thing.)

– Second Cousins

– Exes

– Children asking for money

– Carol Singers that can’t sing

– Mistresses (Tiger, take note)

– Mother in Laws (No Comment)

Tell me about your invention in the comments!

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  1. says

    This kind of covers both reasons – personal and the greater good! I’d have a dog powered electricity generator – train my doggie to run on a tradmill (therefore avoiding cold wet muddy winter walks) and generate electricity at the same time, so good for the environment and my heating bills!

  2. Jo says

    I’d like an automatic item retriever! There’s been countless of times when I’m late because I spend 5 minutes looking for my keys, or have left the house and remembered that I left my mobile phone behind! I’d like it to be a little gadget with a screen and few buttons, choose what I’d want then *whooosh* item of choice in my hands! Have to make sure that the gadget is a bracelet I can wear, so I won’t be losing it as well :p

  3. says

    *Grumble* I’d invent something that makes people read until the end of a competition so they don ‘t look like bananas when they leave “enter me” comments.

  4. cookinmummy says

    I would invent a Handbag Creator Machine – so every morning I could tweak a few buttons and out would pop a brand spanking new handbag and all for free! Everyone would want one! lol!

    Ros x

  5. sassyele says

    Oops…what a dumbass i am….didn’t add an invention! please count this as my entry!
    i’d invent a watch to stop time…that way i’d be able to get everything done and still have time to relax!

  6. Tara says

    I would invent a handy machine that paints my nails perfectly in seconds. I dont do “falsies” and would love to change the colour of my nails instantly to suit my mood.

  7. Jess says

    My invention would be a machine that can be programmed to do different make-up looks: day, night, party etc.. All we would have to do is just fit your head into the machine and voila! Full face make-up done without lifting a finger…except to flick on the switch.

  8. says

    Hahaha Maxime’s invention is brilliant. 😀

    I’d have to invent my own amazing mode of transport. Think Mr Garrison in the South Park episode ‘The Entity’ (minus the pervy bits). I travel A LOT on trains (and if I end up commuting in the near future when I find myself a new job it will be even more), and it adds up to an awful lot of money which I simply don’t have and woulf frankly rather spend on makeup. Or straighteners if I don’t win this week, since mine are broken D< haha.

    So yeah I'd invent my own lightning speed method of transport to get anywhere I need to go FOR FREE! Think of the things I could do..

    – Make sure I get to the counter/store before anyone else when a brand launches something limited edition so I don't miss out
    – Avoid fat sweaty businessmen on commuter trains
    – Rob a bank! Lightspeed getaway vehicle means I'd never get caught ;P

  9. Nina says

    I so need your invention right now! I’d like to own a laser gun that would zap nasty drivers/motorcyclists into thin air. Instead of wasting my profanities on them, at the press of the button they’re gone! Of course that would mean first that zapping terrible drivers would be legal. Haha.

  10. says

    Maxime! LMAO *howls*

    My invention would be a special little one button gadget as well (seems like that is the general consensus here!) ‘cept my little remote, with just the press of a button with CLEAN EVERYTHING to my standards. I’m talking everything organized by colour, name or date, dishes washed, laundry done, dust bunnies disappeared, toilets scrubbed. I’d also add a little dial to be able to select which rooms you want to clean and how things should be organized with the also the option of doing the mother of all cleaning. I’m talking in the blink of an eye everything is fresh smelling (customized fragrance by room too!) and spotless. I’d even program it to clean pet areas (Like my turtle aquairum).

    Sigh. One day….

  11. says

    mmm let it be contact lenses that make you irresistible! I mean, whatever you say or want those who you look at (wearing these contacts) will follow. Wouldn’t it be great? That is, until they find out about the trick HEHEHE

  12. Nadine says

    My invention would be a wonder sock gadget….firstly it would unravel sock balls that I find in the washing basket put there by 2 kids and a hubby who somehow are incapable of doing this, then it would link a pair together for ever so that when the come out of the washing machine they are attached, quite lovingly. It would be the end of me going “grrrrr” each time I empty the washing basket and reduce that huge pile of odd socks I have lurking in my airing cupboard (because I hope one day that all the single socks will have a partner). I would invent this for personal means but I’m pretty sure that it would be a hit with thousands of people worldwide. In the meantime, we still have to endure one of lifes great mysteries…..where do all those socks go?

  13. Caroline says

    Haha, I would love your invention right now. Really and honestly, I would invent something that would help me study or a a machine that can tutor you and answer your questions about your subjects. haha, or I would love to have something that would just hoover the floor for you. I hate hooovering ><

  14. cy says

    I would invent a machine that is able to wash and dry clothes in seconds. The clothes would also come out nice and straight too because I hate ironing!

  15. Winnie says

    I want to invent a teleporter that will get me anywhere instantly. I wouldn’t have to be late ever again! =)

  16. Irene says

    I would invent a machine that would transport you wherever you want in a second so I could see all the world

  17. Phi says

    I would invent a device to protect people (myself in particular) from procrastination. So much time saved!

  18. says

    PLEASE say comment will work this time.. been trying all damn night here Row D: *major sadface*

    I would invent a teleporter.. but for items, not people; the main purpose of which would be to zap objects that inconvenience you right to another dimension where they couldn’t bother you anymore 😀 (I suppose people who inconvenience you would also be nice to zap to another dimension but that’s a bit harsh! Haha).
    For instance!
    Garden covered in leaves from trees in the autumn and winter, and you have to rake them up (one of my most hated chores)? Sod a leaf blower, just press a button and have the leaves instantly teleported to parallel dimension and let your poor parallel self rake them up!
    Reeeally can’t be bothered to clean out the kittie’s litter tray? Zap that poop right out of the universe!
    Or perhaps you’ve decided on your most hated makeup item of all time.. Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation, for example. You are a caring person and would like to do all you can to prevent this monstrosity from coming into contact with the face of ANY other woman on the planet. Trawl through every Boots, Superdrug and Maybelline factory with your handy object zapper and destroy that crap for good. Sure, it will theoretically end up in another universe but who cares, as long as you don’t have to see it!

  19. says

    Oh man, just one? :/ Hmm… am I ethically allowed to invent something that will give me telepathic powers? I would LOVE to be able to read [and control] other peoples’ thoughts!

  20. diskogal says

    Do you remember the Jetsons? They were the space age counterpart to The Flintstones! I loved that show. Well, it’s been more than 15 years since the last time I watched it, but I still remember vividly the automatic dresser/nail-painter the wife had. even back then I wished I had one of those, hehe! This or the automatic cook-you just have to press one button to have the meal you choose ready in seconds! Yey!

  21. Melissa says

    My invention would be like a instant language learner- perhaps a headgear you can put on and within seconds you would be wired to speak another language fluently. It would be such a benefit personally speaking and globally for sure! And for lazy people like myself!

  22. Claire says

    I’d have to say an ALL IN ONE MAKEUP STICK. It would include everything from mascara to blusher, and it would be slim and compact. The design needs some work, but when it’s perfected, oh ho, it will be a weapon of mass beautification :)

  23. Kirsten T says

    Don’t think my invention is quite achieveable except in the world of Harry Potter but I’m thinking, a size changing gadget.. shrinks and enlarges anything. I would use it to….
    shrink elephants and other huge animals for ease of transport. or make them real big to freak them poachers.. 😛
    shrink cars to solve parking problem, tired of waiting for a parking space at a sale.. roar!!! precious time could have been spent on hunting down good deals..
    shrink my clutter so I can keep them hidden away in a nice box or something when someone springs a surprise visit, because I am MESSY some people just lack the courtesy to call.
    It is for the greater good and personal reasons.

  24. says

    1: teleportation
    No running for the train to meet people… No insane plane ticket fares, or dealing with stupid security people.

    2: clean the toilet/bath/sink/ automatically
    I hate cleaning all of that stuff, but I love it when they’re clean. An automatic chore button would be lovely.

  25. Samantha says

    I’d invent a device that made it easier for people all over the world to get clean water. Something that could make wells but make them more cheaply than we are making them right now. I just watched a documentary on dirty water in Asia and Africa, and now I’m inspired 😛

  26. Heather says

    I would invent a transporter, like they have in Star Trek, so that you can be somewhere in an instant. I hate traveling on planes, so that would be ideal :)

  27. Mable says

    An everything sound silencer. For the high probability that you may be unable to avoid the list of people you named (since they seem to have super powers that can hunt you down at the worst possible time), you just click that red panic button and all the annoyances and complaints they lash at you are just well…pure and utterly blissful silence! Keep the complaints coming you say, nothing can faze you now!

  28. says

    I wanna make a Electronic Dictionary Bookmark. xD

    It’s a dictionary in bookmark form so it can be just with the book you’re reading. Why dictionary? Alright. I’m not really good in language but I like reading. So I’ll often see words that I don’t understand and I can’t skip the word without knowing it. This dictionary is like a scanner which I just swipe the device over the word and they’ll do the explanation. Plus, this is multilanguage dictionary. It can use for english, chinese, italian, france, japanese, korean, etc. xD