I found my red! Giorgio Armani High Color Cream Lipstick

So I am sort of addicted to Armani Lipsticks at the moment. I’ve bought a few different shades in a few different textures in the last month or so (a lipstick is the perfect pick me up, eh?).

I spotted this red ages ago, but I didn’t want to buy yet *another* red lipstick I’d wear once, and I would wear only in the bedroom (no, not even the kitchen. The cats would point and laugh).

Armani Giorgio lipstick.jpg

This is a Cream Lipstick (no. 45) meaning is pigmented and soft with a metallic edge. This red is glorious in the tube, it reminds of the perfect Christmas Red – like shiny wrapping paper:

armani red lipstick-1.jpg

It has a slightly more metallic edge to it in real life. But the thing always is, how does it look on? You have to try a red on to see if it works on the skin or not!

The swatches on the Armani site are useless (and I can’t see my lipstick on there either):

Giorgio Armani | armanisilk lipstick.jpg

What are the chances of your lipstick looking like how you expected? Not very high, methinks.

Armani Red Lipstick-2.jpg

There is one thing about this lipstick – some of the paintwork had scrapped off on the barrel (didn’t see this til I got it home). Yah, I’m just being anal.

Here it is on the lips:

armani red lipstick.jpg

You have to trust me that the moment the SA tried it on me (it wasn’t my cute pixie girl, is was someone who drew a wonky lip line – I mean really wonky) I knew it was my red.

My red as in I didn’t feel the need to put a wig on and start terrorising little Children with “Is it your Birthday?! Is it your Birthday? Is it your Birthday?!”

It felt right. It felt chic. It compliments my warm skin tone and hair – you get my drift anyway this was my red so I bought it. The lipstick itself is HAWT too.

Check out the crap swatches here.

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  1. Ginny says

    how much is it? it looks gorgeous! i’m also on the hunt. wen to the benefit counter the other day. Asked for red…she painted brown on my lips. BROWN!

  2. says

    I have an Armani red too! Mine is much darker, but I just love it, gorgeous! I like yours a lot too, I’ll have to check that color out. And yes, their online swatches leave a lot to be desired! There’s absolutely NO EXCUSE this day in age for anyone having a crappy website! That irks me to death!

    I have a red Versace lipstick that is gorgeous too. Check them out, see what you think.

  3. says

    Oh my god, that is stunning. I can only wear cool-toned reds, but the holiday season is making me want to wear red every day!!

    Red lippie + grocery store = totally unnecessary… and awesome.