Review: Shiseido Instant Eye and Lip Make Up Remover

A good make up remover is hard to find, especially when you have eye make up like mine that has tight bionic grip. I had my eye on this Shiseido instant eye and lip make up remover for a while as it has a teat – yes, a teat, the squeeze the product out of!

shiseido the skincare instant eye and lip make up remover.jpg

My price guess was about £13.50 and when I got to the till, it was £19.50. Urk. Call me old fashion but I think anywhere near £20 is expensive for a make up remover. You remove things, you take things away. You shouldn’t cost the price of a meal at Wagamama…And yet, I have to admit it. This product is ACE.

This is a dual phased (shake it before you use it) cleanser, oil based I think – I can feel a slight residue that is not at all unpleasant. Its very watery, so easier to get through. This works for eyes and lips and it really does get rid of the traces of mascara, the red lip stain etc.

I have been using it for a week and I sense no irritation or temporary blindness (that I get with some oil based removers….ok, not blindness, fuzzy vision).

I recommend this product in that it is 100% effective. Better than Lancome Bifacial…but for £19.50? Bitch, please! Thats too much, or as they taught me in GCSE French, C’est trop cher mon amie! I will still buy it though I guess, cos tis so effective, but I’ll save it for when the make is particularly tough to get off.

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  1. Naz says

    This stuff sounds good, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be trying it out for nearly £20! It sounds similar to Boots No7 Eye Make Up remover. Have you tried that? That was definately the most effective one I’ve used, but it did have a slight oily residue. But for around £7 as opposed to £19.50, I’d give it a go!

    Nivea Eye Make Up remover is good too, but not dual phased, so no oiliness, which is nice.

  2. sandy says

    hi, i am new to make-up stuff. i got this the other day not realising it’s eye and lip make-up remover. my question is if it’s ok to use for the whole face? or strictly just the eyes and lips? thanks, your reply is much appreciated.