SANA Gafixx Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara Review: I love you, but I can’t pronounce your name

SANA Gafixx Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara – and I won’t be saying that again – is SANA’s newest mascara release.

Whenever SANA releases a mascara you better hide yo’ kids, because their mascaras are so damn funky!

I love SANA Big Lash mascara – it holds curl – but my god, it’s impossible to remove without the aid of scissors.

So how will SANA Gafixx compare?


At the moment the whole ‘ruffle’ lash thing is in with Japanese mascaras; long, fluttery, soft. SANA Gafixx also has that ‘flared silhouette’ thing going on.

In true SANA fashion the packaging is nothing special…
A black tube with lumo green writing. I like it though, it’s kinda not too up itself. Some mascara tubes are so fancy I feel immense guilt throwing them away.


The brush is insteresting, with short, dense bristles and one end straight, the other is slightly fanned. If you look from the top, it has a slightly squaring shape. Technically you can apply with one side (the flat) and brush out with the fanned out side.

The mascara is slightly dry in texture and very fibery.


My lashes bare. It had been a long night my eyes do not look appealing here, sorry.


The brush is ok. It’s not too big although I prefer comb mascara at the moment. The fibers probably require this kind of dense brush though.


One coat:


Yep, as you can see it really lengthens the lashes. It also completely holds curl.


This mascara is great, it does 2 amazing things here in terms of adding length and holding curl but it is certainly not perfect for a few reasons.

1) The fibers get in your eye. Throughout the day I found myself picking at my eye because I could feel something in it. Only when I wear this mascara!

2) It’s ‘bitty’. As you can see from the pictures it’s a dry feeling and dry looking mascara, and therefore looks quite crumbly close up.

3) It’s not a nice mascara to layer – with one coat we are ok, with 2 we get this lumpy mess:


Not nice! On the other hand as with most Japanese mascaras, it is sweat proof, water proof and lasts all day. It’s a nice true black and it’s actually quite easy to remove with standard make up remover.


Everytime I use this I am impressed by the dramatic effect but the formula could be improved because it is so ‘bitty’. I used this with a wetter mascara on top and it sealed it in (no fibers in my eye!) and added a smoothness to it.

So I can’t decide. It’s better than a lot of mascaras I try but it’s not perfect. But then who is perfect? Gah!

I bought this from I think it was about $17.

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  1. Jen says

    Gafixx Matsuge Gatch-ly?!…who on earth comes up with these names?? Not really a name that rolls off the tongue lol
    The results look pretty impressive, especially if it holds curl as well. The fibres sound like they could be annoying, I’ve not really tried any fibre-based mascaras, but it doesn’t sound very comfortable to wear all day

    • Row says

      Hi Jen

      Yeah it’s really hard to put up with especially if you rub your eyes. The name is soooooooooo….difficult to remember :) x

  2. says

    I really like the look of it in the one coat picture – not so much on the two coat. Personally, I don’t think you need two coats with it. Your lashes look very long & wispy with it on!

    Which mascara do you use over the top of it to calm down the bittiness?

    • Row says

      Hi H

      I agree, one coat is enough with this mascara. I have been putting Jill Stuar mascara on top, which is a bit ink like so it sort of smooths it out!

  3. says

    Hmmm…it really is a clumpy mess!

    Ever since your interview about Japanese makeup, I’ve been paying more attention to Asian brands. I’m really tempted to get some stuff which are heat/sweat-resistant for the summer!

    On the other hand, I’ve way too much makeup as it is. Do you have any particular ‘Western’ brands in mind that you believe to be equal in terms of wear in comparison to the Japanese stuff?

    • Row says

      Hi Cassie

      It’s a difficult question to answer because Japanese make up – there’s so much. say Lavshuca quads, the great ones, compare easily to good Nars, better than Chanel quads, better than Shu. They’re very soft and pigmented and just lovely – I don’t think most Western brands are as nice as that (ie. Clinique, Estee Lauder) are so dull in comparison. Good quality but dull whereas Japanese brands has that zing about it – so more comparable to Nars.