Hairdresser heirachy: Do you choose the Junior or Senior or Head Hair Stylist?

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A few weeks ago I needed a cheap and quick trim for my barnet. Basically, it had been frazzled and the ends looked like the end of cable wires. I knew a trim was for the best but I didn’t want to spend £60 for the luxury.

So I went for the Junior stylist. The hairdressers I went to had a online booking system so I basically went for the cheapest one. I’d usually go for someone…well, in the middle!


The build up to the hair cut I got a bit nervous – what if this junior hairdresser, the only one who cost £23 at the salon, was rubbish? What if she was fresh out of hairdressing school and only knew how to cut in straight lines?!Years ago I remember my friend making to go to the Toni & Guy academy with her. It cost something like £10, and the girl who did my hair certainly looked the part but the problem came when the trainer approached us and said to her, “What the HELL are you doing?”.

Well…she was training, I guess.

Overall my experience with the junior hairdresser was absolutely fine. She did a trim and a few layers (which in hindsight, felt a bit heavy but it doesn’t look bad). It took about 1 hour and was dried how I like it (a bit of wave!).

Also, perhaps because she was a junior, she was clearly trying really hard!

Would I get a junior to cut my hair again? Sure! As long as I had tried him/her before. But probably not if I was getting a big restyle.

So, when you go for a hair cut, what level hairdresser do you go for or do you not care?

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  1. harpreet says

    i use a junior stylist for when i want a trim. i’ll pay a lot more if i want a drastic change.

  2. says

    I um always do headmasters standby, call up on the day and get a £25 hair cut! It’s like a lucky dip, you never know what level you’ll get! x

  3. emilyjane says

    I always, always go for the senior stylist.. Partly because I don’t like the extra time it usually takes to have a junior do it, and partly because as I’m in my late thirties I need someone who gets me, which sadly a 20 year old just doesn’t any more. In fact I’d say the most important thing to me when having a haircut is that the stylist is fairly close to my age, so I don’t have to imagine what’s going through her head as she tries to make conversation with someone ancient!!

  4. says

    Well, when I started going to my current stylist 12 years ago, she had just started taking on her own clients at the salon after spending years training under the head stylist. Since then she’s become the head stylist so…. =P

    The 4 times I had to go to someone else because she was on a leave, I read up on reviews on Yelp first before anything. The first time I went with someone who was suppose to be a regular stylist, but she was bad. She did not know how to handle Asian hair. The 2nd time I went with a Japanese salon and the stylist did a good job, but I ended up looking like every other Asian girl with lots of layers. The 3rd time I went with a recently promoted stylist, and she did a great job. The location was just a bit out of my way. The last time I went to a salon where each stylist had their own private studios, and he was decent.

    Nobody however, matched my stylist. If you ever come to LA, you must get a cut with her. She normally charges only $60 or $65, and she does an amazing job.

  5. Boo says

    In fairness the juniors are only as good as there teacher !!! Crap teacher crap junior !!! Wen I was a junior I had a great teacher n with that gained a good clientele as a junior and fixed mess ups from stylists with years experience !! Xxxx don’t knock someone till ya try them no one wud believe how hard the hairdressing industry is it’s shocking only takes one put down n ur confidence is gone !! Xxx