Bargain Find: Bourjois Eau De Gloss L’Eau Lipgloss Review

There’s nothing better than a good bargain…apart from…well getting something totally free.

I picked up this bargain of three Bourjois Eau De Gloss Lipglosses from eBay, all three for £4.50 (£2 shipping).

Bourjpis eau gloss Lip Gloss.jpg

I don’t know if they still sell these on Bourjois stands – usually when you start getting these products from discount counters its because its on its way to being discontinued, yet I am sure I saw some on counter recently.

They say:

Bourjois Eau de Gloss Lipgloss. With a 14% water content, Eau de Gloss immediately gives lips a fresh, thirst-quenching sensation and keeps them moisturized continuously for 4 hours. The light and non-sticky texture of Eau de Gloss gives lips the perfect amount of sheer shine.

Cute advert!

But even a bargain is a waste of money if the product is crap. So how do these lip glosses fare?
Well first, I love the packaging. Its highly impractical but cute.

Bourjois eau gloss lip gloss.jpg

The product itself is weird – totally different to other lip glosses I have no doubt because of the high water content.

It feels fresh and hydrating on the lips. It tingles a little. Its highly shimmery.

I really like wearing it. Its glossy and fun to wear but I did think it came off quickly and easily (lots of reapplying).


Bourjois Brillian a levres lipgloss eau.jpg

You have to like sparkle to wear this, forget it if you don’t.

The brush is quite small but perfectly formed. Here are the colours that I got (I didn’t even look at them when I bought them):

Bourjois Sorbet D_eau lip gloss .jpg

Sorbet Frais – an orange. I like oranges so I quite like this although its pretty sheer.

Bourjois d_eau lip gloss ice .jpg

Rose Vitamine – a light pink. Probably the nicest one, not too light on my medium toned skin.

Bourjois Eau Cappucino Ice Lip gloss .jpg

Cappucino Ice. Not for everyone but it worked a treat with my smokey eyes recently and compliments my skintone quite a lot.

All in all – a nice buy – I just have to remember to use them when I have just a gigantic lip gloss collection to use up.

(I’ve just found them on Fragrance Direct for just 99p each! Not sure how much shipping is though).


Feels lovely on the lips, like them a lot but they are very sparkly and won’t hold up for too long. I would repurchase (if they are still around) because I like my lips to feel hydrated.

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  1. liloo says

    oui. oui, oui, oui
    i want to buy them now.
    always wanted to buy them
    merci beaucoup

  2. liloo, again says

    gah, trying to see swatches of all of the shades is super hard and when I make a search on google, the first result I find is your website. I know I want rose vitaminé, argh, I wish I could see what all the other shades look like, frustrating. Times like these makes even more grateful to all beauty bloggers who take their time swatching, photographing and posting.
    Umm, like the look of those cheapy bourjois lipsticks too. same problem: it will take me a day to find swatches for all these and make up my mind, umph

  3. says

    Interesting! I heard these were sheer so I wasn’t too interested, but now I want to look for them. I wonder if I can still find them in stores now.
    Not like I need more gloss 😛