For Dry Lips. Blistex Soothing Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser Lip Balm Review

I’ve given up and accepted I will be eternally addicted to LIP BALM. I can’t help it – ever since I turned 12 and started spending my £2.50 pocket money on The Body Shop Satsuma and Morello Cherry lip balm, I’ve been addicted.

Admittedly, I lose about 4 lip balms a month, but still…

So I was browsing in Boots at lunch time…dangerous stuff and spotted this Blistex Liquid Lip Moisturiser. Although Blistex is a major lip balm brand I have never actually used their stuff before! But I was intrigued by the liquid element of this stuff….


It comes in a dull grey tube like this, with a rollerball applicator.

This lip balm is minty, with a scent and flavour – it’s actually a quite bitter if you get it into your mouth unless you’re the kind of person who likes to lick Olbas Oil.


I like thicker balm type lip balms that leave the lips super soft but also sink in quickly leaving a slightly matte finish so I can use lipstick on top. I don’t ask for much…honest.

The rollerball applicator is ok…
I guess it makes sense for a liquid lip balm but I was hoping for a squeezy tube.

The lip moisturiser is the texture of sugar syrup or glycerin – it’s not watery, it’s thicker glossy formula.


It’s easy to over apply this stuff with the rollerball applicator, hence the over the top glossy look (which I don’t like). There’s no way I would put lip gloss on top of this, and it takes a while to sink in.

If you are happy with a natural lip that’s super glossy then this Blistex Lip Splash could work quite well. Otherwise, it does an ok job but I didn’t feel like it had any long lasting hydrating effects beyond the initial application.

How it looks on the lips:



It’s a gimmicky product that works fine. I think it cost me about £2.60 so it’s not a huge loss and I keep this on my desk for random applications but it’s too greasy for general every day use.

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