Want Perky Boobs? Bring it on! Nip + Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment Review

When it comes to booby care, I probably don’t spend enough time moisturising mine as I should. There’s just quite a lot of boob to deal with…

Anyhow, I’ve noticed on me, that if I use a cream that is too thick, makes the skin on that, erm, area, sensitive. Which isn’t very nice. So when I saw Nip & Fab’s Bust Fix I was quite happy to give it a go.


Now remember, I have massive chi-chis – no cream on earth is going to restore firmness or give them lift (perhaps on smaller fried eggs, the result will be more obvious).

So what I wanted from Bust Fix was; smoother skin, no allergies or uncomfortable-ness on the delicate skin there, a better skin tone and a firmer ‘feel’ on the surface of the skin.

They Say:

Containing CellActive – FORM a plant-based complex of active ingredients which supports the natural process of lipid deposition, lending fullness to the bust, it will reshape the contours of the cleavage area and optimally accentuate the feminine features.


Remember that Nip & Fab is from Rodial founder, Maria Hatzistefanis. Rodial do a ‘Boob Job’ cream which is a whopping £125. This is just £15.95 so it’s a good way for people to try a bust cream without spending a fortune…
(Come to think of it I also have Shiseido’s Bust Cream which I paid a rather excessive £57 for!).

Anyway, the texture of this Bust Fix is rather nice and boob appropriate; it’s like a light gel cream which sinks into the skin quickly. It smells quite nice too:


I guess the main thing for me was, ‘Can I be bothered using a separate cream for my boobs?’

I guess it comes down to how bothered you are about your skin in that area. I am generally too lazy to apply body cream after a shower anyway, unless my skin is really dry.

So recently I have been making an effort to use specific cream for my body, legs, arms, tummy – sounds like a pain but its like a quick squirt (ahem) on each area then rub rub rub – it’s really made a difference to my skin!




I liked this Bust Fix a lot! It’s one of the cheaper ones I’ve seen on the market and whilst I can’t say I noticed plumping (my boobs are honestly, too big for any more plumping) I noticed a better skin texture and tone.

I would continue to use this or some kind of boob specific cream – after all, boobs have feelings too.

Have you ever used a Bust Cream?

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  1. Elizabeth says

    I go through phases of worry that overnight I’m going to develop crepey spaniels ears and end up frantically pouring a load of bio-oil over myself. But those are short lived phases – day to day I don’t bother. I’m placing an order at Latherati ( http://www.etsy.com/shop/LatheratiSoap?ref=seller_info ) including some dry body oils thinking that I’ll be more inclined to spray something all over me then rub it in.

  2. says

    I’ve never used any product like this before. I wonder if there’s a noticeable difference. Usually I just create the “illusion” of cleavage with some bronzer.
    Check out our blog – lafemmenotoire.com

    Much Love, Faune.

  3. kora says

    I really can say i do love this brand its inexpensive and from my experiences of using this brand it does work. I purchased the nip and fab tummy fix about a month ago and used it like 3-4 times a day and did see results. I’m not the skinniest girl in the world but I’m not overweight either my stomach is practically perfect thanks to nip and fab. so will i consider buying this product as well?… perhaps. Their reputation in my book precedes them. hope this helps


  4. Lynn O'Conell says

    Yeah boobs do have feelings and by your comment about smaller fried eggs is really horrible. I am so self conscious about my boobs and it doesn’t help with other females saying stuff about small breasts aswell. That was such a male thing to say.

    • Row says

      Hi Lynn

      It’s terrible if you are self conscious about your boobs – but my comment is a joke. Plenty of my friends with small boobs are fine with it and if anything, we take the mick out of each other. I would encourage any woman to be comfortable in their own skin and with their own size (not just boobs, but everything). My smaller chested friends get by a lot better than I do in terms of having less back problems, fitting into clothes better etc. And there are plenty of daft comments directed at people with big boobs too! Everyone is different and size of boobs are, quite frankly, in the grand scheme of life is not that important!

  5. Mary says

    I’ve started using this as well after reading an article about it. As wonderful as it sounds I mostly it’s another scam that I’m buying into. Either way…I bought it. I think that my “small fried eggs” (she was just joking guys, don’t take things so seriously…geesh!) may see more of a difference than your watermelons 😉 It’s too early to tell as it’s only been a week. I have noticed my breasts being more enlarged and tender BUT I’m going to attribute it that wonderful “time of the month”. Hurray.

    • Row says

      Hi Mary

      HEHE!!! it’s true I can’t tell if my have/can grow any more! But it gives good skin but I wouldn’t vouch for it making the boobies bigger!

  6. Raven says

    I just came upon this page while researching this product … now that is has been a few months, do you still like it? I have a … umm … “larger” breasts as well and I was concerned about the “plumping” effect … I seriously don’t need that! But the lifting and firming aspect sounds great :)