I wanted it, I hauled it! Limited Edition Shu Uemura Highlighter in Steam

Ever pass on a Limited Edition item only to regret it, then find it impossible to find one later?

I had this kind of regret with this pretty Shu Uemura blusher/highlighter called STEAM a while ago.

Steam was from the Autumn/Fall 2008 collection. I spotted it and passed up on it…then saw it on eBay for just a little more than the retail price. Hurrah!


Steam is a pale light white-peach with micro sparkles. The pretty gold swish won’t last very long that’s for sure…



Ey up – the texture of this highlighter is hard and sort of scratchy. Eek! Make that very hard and quite shimmery – can that really be that flattering on the face? I dunno…So I was really disappointed with the texture of this product.

Anyway I applied to the top of the cheekbone and around the outer ‘v’ near my eyes.

I have to say – for a scratchy little thing it did indeed add a beautifully soft glow to my skin. It’s actually, in practise, one of the nicest highlighter I have when used on the face.

Maybe there is an advantage to this product being hard – you apply less. You apply just enough.


Also amazingly enough, it didn’t accentuate pores – weird, as it’s shimmery to the point of being a little glittery.

Well there you go, someone at Shu knows what they’re doing!

Have you ever missed out on a LE item only to scour the web for it later?

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  1. says

    I remember when the Hello Kitty collection at MAC came out. My husband took me to our local MAC counter on Valentine’s Day and had me pick anything I wanted. It was very sweet – unfortunately I passed on the beauty powders and the tinted lip conditioner in “popster”. I have regretted it so long, but recently there have been a wave of blog sales and on 2 of them they were selling some of the limited edition hello kitty items, so I thankfully got ahold of them before others! :) Now I’m just waiting on them as they are still in the shipping process. I just love hello kitty and those items I still dream about 😉 Haha. xx

  2. Patty says

    I had seen Steam up on ebay as well, but wasn’t tempted by it since I have the Shu Tsumori Chisato highlighter (the one with the kitty that you didn’t want to use because it’s so pretty) I think I’ll never ever need another highlighter! Someone at Shu knows not just what is right for us but also how to make it so irresistibly cute! I’ve had a look at this year’s Xmas collection with Aya Takano and (oh! the surprize!) I want everything!! That will be something to regret if I miss them!!