Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencil Review

When I heard that Avon made a gel eyeliner I wanted to try it out…until I realised it was just a pencil liner! What?! You know I adore gel liners but the potted kind.

Anyway, a friend sent me a load of various Avon make up and one of the items was this Gel liner in Black.

They say: Smooth-glide eyeliner for bold,intense colour that lasts for hours…short and sweet!


I guess I don’t really use anything in my daily routine that’s from Avon. Not because they are bad, just because other stuff is….better. These eyeliners are £6 at full price, currently just £3. The good thing about Avon is the price.

This is a very very very soft eyeliner…I guess this is where the ‘gel’ title comes from. It is SO soft. A little hard to sharpen (just pop it into the fridge before sharpening if you want a really pointy tip, I prefer rounded tips.)

This black is a gorgeous rich black….


It is SO opaque. It is effortless to apply to the waterline, an area I have trouble with, it is easy to tightline with. It’s a true deep black. I had no irritations using this:


That’s me being light handed!

This comes in black, brown, bronze and khaki according to the site.

It does go down quickly because it is so soft…


This doesn’t last very long on me. My eyes are very watery, so half way through the day it will travel down but no more than any other eyeliner I use. For the price and ease of application this is going to be my every day black eye pencil unless I find something just as soft, that lasts better.

You can buy them here.

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  1. KittyBonkers says

    Oooooo this looks excellent, very pigmented and I do love soft eyeliners too!! When I used up my current black eyeliner pencil, I think I will be giving this a try!

  2. Giselle says

    what do you use to prevent eyeliner from transferring to your eyelid? creamy eyeliners always do that to me no matter what i use

    • Row says

      I get that a lot with my lid greasing over! If I can be bothered, I use a light coat of powder to absorb oil, light eye primer, creamy liner, let it set then go over with powder (black)

  3. Kelly says

    Are your eyes really an amber color? They look like it here and I can’t see any contact line? THey’re gorgeous! Thank you for this review by the way!