Smashbox Masquerade Eyeshadow Palettes Swatches & Review

One of my Christmas presents was this palette from Smashbox, from their Masquerade collection.

I was trying to pick a multi use beauty thing for Christmas from my aunt, and went for this because I loved the textures of the eyeshadow. They sell Smashbox in selected Debenhams stores:


This palette has caused me all kinds of annoyance. When I finally got it on Boxing Day, the over was lightly scratched and 2 of the letters were partially missing.

I KNOW – what a minor thing. So minor. But it bugged me. This palette is £35 and had I have bought it myself, I would’ve checked it to make sure it was in tip top condition.

So I decided to swap it – I called the Debenhams counter, and they said they *may* be able to swap it, but it depended if the manager was in, but the manager wasn’t in for a few days. Mmm ok.

So we went to the counter in another Debenhams….the counter (this was one of the days between xmas and new year (ie. very busy)) was totally deserted. Someone on another counter said the someone would be in at 11 so we waited 30 minutes only to be told then, by someone else no one would be attending the Smashbox counter at all that day. Rubbish!

Finally I went back to the main store it came from…and, no one was manning it. Again. So someone from Urban Decay (luckily) had a quick look and swapped it for me – hurrah! But what a lot of palaver for nothing.

Here is the case – it’s shiny so shows up my greasy fingerprints:


The colours are a mixture of mattes and shimmers, which I like because it makes it a truly useful palette. There’s a matte neutral beige and pink, matte brown, and some shimmers in green, gold, brown, blue and purple – basically EVERYTHING!


Everything is very pigmented and soft in texture:


So it was a pain, but I’m glad I chose this palette. It’s easy to use and practical for when I want to take loads of colours with me to somewhere but don’t have the space.



Worth a look but check the palette before you buy!

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  1. says

    i would do the same too, going back to swap for a good condition purchase! hehe
    yeah masquerade doesnt seem to fit it, maybe it should be more sparkly? but i heart the plum/violet colour hehe

    xoxo elle

  2. Alexandra says

    I have this palette and love it. Just wish Smashbox wasnt so expensive over here. My local Debenhams counter hardly ever have staff. In fact when ever im in the store half the counters have no staff on. Its poor customer service in my opinion.

    • Row says

      Hi Alexandra

      Debenhams is a bit lame in that sense, I mean how does it attempt to compete with say Selfridges when the atmosphere is better and counters are generally staffed

  3. says

    I absolutely love this palette. Its very versatile and the texture of the shadows are lovely. Pricewise, its about the same price here as it is over there and I’m not complaining much because its still pretty good value for 9 shadows :)

    • Row says

      Hi Paris!

      I do like this I reckon I can use it every day because of the mattes I wish it was cheaper though x