Cutest Packaging Ever? Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub

I keep finding more and more wacky skincare and make up packaging – very cute but not very practical but hey, who cares?!

When I saw this Tony Moly Latte Art Cream in Scrub I had to try it because…well, it looks like this:


Yep, that’s a face scrub, not a coffee, not a ornament. It’s a face scrub. It even has a spoon.

The Tony Moly Latte Art range has 2 products, Cream in Scrub and Morning Pack. I went for the scrub because…I don’t know why actually I just picked from random!

This scrub contains coffee and milk extracts. To use apply it to dry skin and rub – rinse off once the product has changed colour:


More views…
I’m surprised by how much it looks like a full sized cup:


I wonder if I leave this out somewhere if someone will try to drink it. I used to have a coaster that looked like a chocolate bar and my cousin tried to eat it…as you when you are in a strangers house…just pick up random chocolate and eat it.


Screw off the top and in the base is a brown coffee scented scrub. I have tried using this a few times (it’s called a ‘morning pack’) so I used it first thing! And I quite like it. It’s a VERY RICH and GLOOPY scrub. And because you use it on dry skin, it takes a while to work in, don’t stretch your skin!

It’s not madly scrubby, it feels like more of a rich gel than a scrub:


Shame it’s not a peeling pack actually.

I wonder if the coffee scent makes you wake up a bit in the morning?! Because coffee reminds me of long nights!

Here is the product. You get an ok amount really – admittedly over half of the packaging is just pure packaging!



Scrub is like treacle, it’s ok though. Packaging is so cute well worth it just to confuse people who use your bathroom. I paid about £10 for this on eBay inc. shipping.

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  1. Ahhh, this is so cute! I definitely want this! =D

  2. KittyBonkers says:

    Oh wow, that is cute packaging!! That would look lovely (and confusing!) in any bathroom! I think the coffee smell would put me off, because I am not keen on coffee!!

  3. Too cute! Massive WANT! <3

  4. Awww. the packaging is really attractive!

  5. Lucy Hopper says:

    I wanty, its amazingly cute

    who did you buy it from?

  6. Lucy Hopper says:

    thankes I think i shall be ordering soon

    are any sellers okay? Im alittle wary of buying stuff from ebay because of the fakes xx

  7. I’ve never seen a packaging like that, it’s extremely cute! :) x

  8. Loving the Tony Moly packaging after browsing through ebay for this product…I think they’d look great all lined up in the bathroom 😀 The hand creams remind me of the Japanese B & C handcreams!

  9. Cutest and.. best disguised too, lol!

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